Spanish police have arrested Darknet for fraud

Updated July 18, 2019

Spanish police have announced that this money is unreliable for a fraudulent money that is being distributed in the thousands of
In the country, in addition to online sales, they complain that this is the biggest activity.
Record the history of the country.

Officials said the relationship is working.
Tenerife Island, Spain They have a solid torpedo.
Place a call for 10 or 20 Euros until you receive it.
Monthly 7500

Europo and Spanish police are under investigation. The study began in 2018 in Tenerife.
Banks estimate that counterfeit money has increased on the island. They complain.
Many views emerged in the fourth meeting. This is a note from a group of Mesh employees.
Distributed in Europe

The goods were reportedly seized by police
systems. These four items are hidden in euro banks
More than 17,000. He also realized that he was very talented
A printer that can print blank letters and hedges
Assistant. Computers and graphics were also confiscated

A special printing company, Airtes has developed a number of advanced technologies and equipment.
Better quality documents like legal documents. Especially big money is amazing
take measure. Therefore, it took a long time to expose the law

In a statement, Europal said it helped
Manage money and wait
Technical support. He also set up a telephone office
From a place where you can always follow the skeptics.

A Europol spokesman said he was involved.
If you want, fight a civil war
EU Headquarters. Great work left
Ability to share and exchange relevant information, including information
Court and forensic examination. He also forgave the money
Scientific support to each of the legislatures listed in I.
Without the EU.

The case is one of many cases of money laundering
Made in the EU. Austrian police stop printing counterfeit money
Retail in Lebanon last June. police report
The store owner has previously submitted false notices
Sold in dark boxes with 10,000 labels
They sell to people all over Europe.

Moved from Europe last September
Polish police seized a printing house in Gdask
He realized that 50 false positives were presented. justice
According to the agency, the store owner sold tickets
Dark cars in all EU countries. She was happy
Several years later, during this time, he became famous.

The result was the seizure of more than 300 items at more than 10 locations
EU countries including Cyprus, Croatia, Finland and the Netherlands
Its members are Spain, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and the United States.
The suspects were arrested from November to December. Officials were arrested
1500 UAH, other goods, computers and smartphones, equipment,
Bitcoin is a printer.

Did Hammert realize the team did this?
Officials helped secure all businesses
False messages on the black Internet.

The communist police continue to follow the communist police
The EU Guide on the Difference of False Statements
those that are legal.

The European Central Bank has made this proposal public.
Its a technology where you can listen, see and show signals.
taken into account. The Central Bank added that the relevant information is guaranteed and accurate
One descriptive plot from another area is crowded. During virtual execution
It is made of light. The image must be shown in the dream.
Photo and security near the center. When a relationship gets worse, a
The silver effect can be seen side by side
The coding of non-color colors has a significant effect on the map.

Authorities have asked city officials to reveal false information.

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