Russians are well versed in fraudulent investments in Hydra products

A Russian boy in Nizhny Novgorod makes high-quality counterfeit notes worth a billion rubles in a popular dark network.
Hydrated market

Counterfeit Russian currency
According to Moscow officials, the police got a wrong duty after issuing counterfeit banknotes in Tatarstan.
In 2019, police discovered they were selling high-quality recordings nationwide.

Police found out that the group had been selling counterfeit notes since January 2019 and that the gang members did not know them

Nizhny Novgorod, a resident of Oleg Afimov, Ivan Ovorov and Andrei Skorsov, is a major fanatic.
According to Russian police, the criminal gang committed more than 3,000 accidents, costing 500,000 rubles, only 10-15%.

All payments are made in Bitcoin.

Hydra is a dark online resource with no friends to access tar.

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