• 2FA with PGP encryption
  • No JS
  • Friendly forum
  • Fast
  • Canada only

WeTheNorth Market Review

Northern regions aren’t easy to inhabit. Probably, this is why everyone pictures paradise as a place from an old Bounty chocolate bar commercial.

But instead of giving up, northern people take pride in their ability to thrive in this rough environment. Just listen to the tone of the famous phrase, “C’est le nord! (This is the North)”, from the movie Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis (Welcome to the Sticks), and you’ll get the vibe.

Canadians are no exception to this northern comradery feeling. Plus, they are aware that having each other’s backs and sticking together is the key to survival.

Therefore, there is no wonder that even though WeTheNorth was launched in 2021 after the demise of the renowned CanadianHQ market in 2022 it became the first string of Canadian illegal trading. Someone experienced had to fill the void and provide a safe space for the local drug dealers and buyers. Hi t

WeTheNorth Market Overview

General Facts
Operating since2021
Current stateActive
Geographical bordersCanada
LanguagesEnglish & French
SpecializationDrugs, but you can find other goods & services (e.g., digital products, fraud, carding, etc.)
Payment Options
Escrow: Traditional Multisig
Yes No
Accepted cryptocurrenciesBitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR)
Finalize Early (FE)No, yet the site employs Autopay for digital goods
Direct (wallet-free) paymentNo
Security Features
2-factor authentication with PGP encryptionYes
PGP encryptionRequired for sellers, and recommended for buyers
Phishing & DDoS protectionYes

Fair Warning

This marketplace was designed with the sole purpose of serving as a safe harbor for Canadians who seek illegal goods or services. If your geographical location is different, and you don’t plan to move to Canada soon, you should continue your search on other platforms.

In addition, WeTheNorth developers claim that their goal is to get drug deals away from the streets with their dangerous sellers and low-quality products. Thus, looking for something other than drugs can also turn out to be a waste of time (but not necessarily).

WeTheNorth Market URL

Official URL*
Onion URL**hn2paw7zbm7gjvhh3lsluzcub5rbddzlr6vi6efzliyeyxqaaq2lwwid.onion
Short URL***

* You can use this link to find the current working onion URL and mirror links. You can access it on the surface or the dark web.

** This link leads directly to the platform. You should use the Tor browser to open it.

*** That’s the short version of the previous URL. Hence, you should paste it to the address bar of your Tor browser.

Safety Tips

Did you know that fishing is more productive in cloudy weather because when sun rays pierce through the water, the fish can notice that you’re trying to trick it? If you’re a Canadian, that’s probably not a revelation for you. But that’s not the point.

The point is that you have to learn to spot bait if you long to be the fish that doesn’t get caught. Never miss these steps, and your chances of getting scammed will be minimal:

  • WeTheNorth developers made sure that the website doesn’t contain any trace of JavaScript. Still, switch the security level of your Tor browser to Safest.
  • Install and turn on a VPN service (preferably, with a ‘no-logs’ policy).
  • Find a trustworthy PGP client and educate yourself on how to use it.
  • You might also want to separate casual browsing from your darknet activity by installing a dedicated operating system with enhanced privacy capabilities like Tails or Whonix.
  • Never open a link from a source you don’t trust. WeTheNorth has an official webpage with an active onion URL and mirrors. You can also search through reputable sources, such as, Dread, or Reddit.
  • When accessing the portal, check that your link matches the beginning and the end of the address, written in the site’s captcha. You can also use a public PGP key to verify the URL’s authenticity before you log in. You can either use your PGP client or turn to the services provided by and Daunt.

Registration & Settings

These procedures are rather straightforward. Yet, you should focus your attention on keeping your anonymity intact.

✓ Keep your account details from prying eyes and curious minds✘ Put any information connected to your real-life persona into any of your credentials (PIN included)
✓ Go to your profile settings to enter a public PGP key and enable 2FA. Don’t view this measure as an unnecessary complication. Adding an extra step to your login process (you’ll have to decrypt a message using your PGP key) will boost your defense against intruders.✘ Tolerate even the slightest attempt at violating your anonymity. Extortion of personal information and doxxing are strictly forbidden on the platform. Hence, report anyone who threatens your privacy to the administration as soon as possible.

Shopping Process

WeTheNorth is your friendly neighborhood market. It is a relatively small place with limited resources. Therefore, your options are limited to predominantly drugs when it comes to the product range and traditional escrow as far as the selection of payment methods goes. Indeed, this limits your choice significantly but it also makes purchasing goods rather simple.

Select the Product

The idea behind the WeTheNorth market was to keep people away from the danger inherent in buying drugs. They strived to provide access to safer, cleaner, and quality products.

They won’t compromise this philosophical foundation by allowing them to sell items that can harm living creatures. As a result, they adopted a harm-reduction policy that prohibits the appearance of certain goods and services on the platform.

Acceptable ProductsBanned Listings
Drugs & ChemicalsFentanyl and related substances
Carded itemsWeapons & explosives
FraudProstitution & child pornography
Counterfeit itemsHitman services
Software & malwareTerrorism-related things
Digital products
Guides & Tutorials
Jewels & Gold
Security & Hosting

Naturally, as soon as you find what you came here for, you will be anxious to purchase it immediately. It’s in your best interest to control your impulse. If you want to avoid regrets and disappointment in the future, you should check these aspects first:

  • Description, price, and available quantity.
  • Shipping options that are at your disposal.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies.
  • Refund/return policy.
  • Vendor’s experience, ratings, reviews, and last online presence.

The market doesn’t share the details of its vendor selection policy but it does treat fake reviews with the intransigence they deserve. Furthermore, you can take a look at the site’s forum: there might be some helpful information on the products you like.

When you find listings that check all the boxes, you should proceed with making a deposit:

  1. Go to your profile and find a single-use payment address.
  2. Generally, Monero (XMR) is a more secure and untraceable option but if you decide to go with Bitcoin (BTC), you can verify the link via the service.
  3. If proven that you’re not on a phishing site, copy this link and use it to transfer the funds to your built-in wallet.
  4. Always send the exact amount that is required to cover the expenses. Because direct payments and multisig escrow are absent, it will prevent you from losing more money than you have to in case of an exit scam or other troubles.

Place an Order

So, your cart is ready, and your wallet is full. Now, it’s time to initiate the checkout process:

  1. Adjust your order details (quantity, cryptocurrency, shipping method, etc.).
  2. Manually encrypt your shipping info using the vendor’s public PGP key.
  3. Enter your PIN (withdrawal confirmation).
  4. Submit your order and wait until your package is delivered. Due to various possible complications, this can take up to 10 days. So, be patient.
  5. If you are satisfied with the quality of the product/service you received, you have to finalize the order. Otherwise, the payment will continue to stay in the market’s escrow account, and the seller won’t be able to get it.
  6. The FE option is not available on the platform (although it might appear in the future). However, digital orders go with the autopay feature, which automatically finalizes the order after 48 hours.
  7. This means that under no circumstances should you believe anyone who pushes you into finalizing your order before you receive it. Report these people to the administration immediately.
  8. In case something is wrong with your order, try to discuss it with the seller first. If it doesn’t improve the situation, file a complaint with the customer support.

WeTheNorth Pros and Cons

Large selection of drugsThe range of other products is not impressive
2FA with PGP encryptionGeographical destinations are limited to one country (Canada) Naturally, it is not a shortcoming if you are a Canadian
No JavaScriptNo multisig
Harsh policy against fake reviews and irresponsible vendorsNo direct payments
Bilingual interface (English & French) The site knows its audienceNo FE
Friendly, approachable, and responsive support (they are Canadians, after all)
A forum where you can discuss everything from vendors to the Toronto Raptors’ performance this season (yes, ‘We the North’ is their slogan)


It might sound gloomy, but every darknet marketplace is doomed from the beginning. The fate of CanadianHQ is tragic, yet common among darknet marketplaces. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that WeTheNorth won’t follow the path of its famous predecessor.

Still, for now, it remains this kind of old-fashioned, friendly, and secure trading platform next door. Its goal was to create a safe space for Canadians to buy and sell drugs. Considering their resources (compared to the major industry players), they successfully achieved it (although there is always room for improvement).

WeTheNorth Market Details

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