Dark0de Reborn Market

Darkode is one of the largest DarkNet markets. It mostly features bitcoins, Escrow, XMR, Fe, and other Cryptosporin types of currencies. The marketplace offers competitive prices and allows instant confirmation for all trades. Darkode also allows for advanced and flexible trading strategies.

Darkode uses a system called Darkode URL. This URL system has the ability to provide many different marketplace listings. If you choose to use the standard “Marketplace” listing you are limited to a list of the most popular listings on the marketplace. The Darkode URLs has over two hundred thousand different marketplaces listed. This gives you a lot of flexibility and control when choosing a marketplace to do business on.

Darkode also has a built in protection mechanism that acts as an automated moderation system. This protection system scans the marketplace for banned items and immediately alerts you if it finds any. If you are not the type to take a chance on being caught on the Darkode marketplace, then you should use the built in user restriction features. This feature automatically sets a time limit (in seconds) and also allows you to specify a certain price range before being banned from the marketplace.

  • Marketplace url: LINK
  • Corona Market Alternative links: N/A

STATUS: Up & Working Fine

NameDark0de Market
EstablishedAround June-2020
Main urlLINK
Support Multisig
Security Issues
Active WarningsNone
2 Factor Authentication
Finalize EarlyAllowed
Vendor Bond$100
Forced Vendor PgpYes
Total Listings2.5k (As of Aug, 2020)
Business volume (weekly)N/A
Current StatusActive

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