Former Playpen distributor and Playpen member sentenced to 7 years in prison

On Friday he was imprisoned for using chocolate
Authorities found child pornography on an obscure website

Stephens, 51, was sentenced to death in the federal court in Stringfield.
Stephens spent seven years and 10 years in federal prison.
Arrested following the 2015 investigation
You know that their children use the computer at home regularly for download.
Pornography, according to American prosecutor Andrew Lilling.

Active user “box”
Advertising and dissemination of pornographic news among children
There is also a discussion of various aspects of online porn sites.
Lilling said in a statement that the office was sexual harassment.

Prosecutors say the site is located on a dark site, which allows Stepas to access the site anonymously.

Authorities have found your computer and are looking for more
8000 photos and videos of 33 children, including photos
Proof of sexual harassment, including payment for eight-year-old girls
year. ”

He admitted to authorities that he had used his home for many years
Computers for recording and recording child pornography three to three times
A week that researchers found from Playpen files
Stepos was accepted as an active user for six months in 2014 and 2015,
They were speaking from Lilling’s office.

Has to be
In August, we were found guilty of three conspiracy charges
Pornography and child pornography.

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