How do you search for a USB stick?

If you are looking for better security or the Tor Tor browser on your computer, you can run it with a USB flash drive.

Run the Tor browser using a USB drive that will help you hide your device.

How do I test Tor on a flash drive?
Simply install the Tor browser from the official website.

Run the installation and select the location of the flash drive

[Install button

[Image Textbook
The best way is to hide your device and you have no extra security and browser history.
Windows This way, your browser is completely small, which can work on any Windows device.

[You can select security settings
In your browser

* Standards

Disable some web features that you can use to anonymously attack your security.

* Definitely

Disabling website features is often dangerous, causing some websites to lose performance.

* Security

All that is required for the website and service settings is to work on the site. These changes affect the images, the media and
the text.

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