Faster business for the city, on 16th Street, to attract Fentanyl and the Internet through dark websites

The City of Speed has been shut down after the Dark Network used imports of fentanyl and heroin from other countries.

Nathan Revors, 26, was convicted of drug possession and served in Pennington County Jail for 16 months.
According to an article published by the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office. He faces up to 20 years in prison at a time.

As part of the defendant’s claim, two further reductions in drug use and the other wanted to give heroin bleach

Federal Judge Jeffrey Fiken Reyer has sentenced a caretaker to three years in prison, and lost his laptop and two cell phones.
In Reuer’s memory, $ 2,775 had to be paid for drug-related offenses in the city police.
South Dakota DEA test costs $ 660

Rever took the medicine home in Rapid from February to February 2019, based on a good financial commitment.
Come on. In a survey in January 2019, they found electronics on the Internet and looked for mobile phones and packages that would
go to them. Rivera was tested
Effective against parasites, aphids and methamphetamine.

The dark Internet is the part of the Internet that only has access to specific programs that prevent users from leaving.
Did not see.

It is not yet known how the police received the first information about the installation of the Rivera package. But police are
coming from Rapid City this month
In January 2019, security personnel began searching for necessary packages in Canada and searching for drugs inside.
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