An English prison teacher was sent to the Internet to use child pornography

Mark Woodward enters Leeds as the family’s worst photo.

West, a 64-year-old IT teacher, looked closely at how she used her laptop to find West Wes Yorkshire police.
In January last year, Round Manny was arrested on bail at his home on Hondon Road.

Leeds Ward Kurt Cord Do Ward was previously a teacher educator and has practiced for over 400 years.

The officer killed two laptops that were inspected and had 46 illegal images.

All 29 images are assigned in category A, covering the most serious crimes and sexual exploitation of children.
Within 2 to 2-15 years

The computer has a reference device and the black network is shown to use to access Dakwort.

The boy in the picture has no connection with the school where Dakor works.

Duckworth has pleaded guilty to four counts of child pornography

The court heard Duckworth talk about the case and demanded that the child be neglected.

Judge Effrey Marson, KK: “Someone said you didn’t want to have sex with children. I don’t believe his words.

Caregiver Martin Moore said Duckworth lost his job due to bullying at school and was unable to work.

It says: You have lost your good character. When I saw him this morning, I was shocked by the results.

The mother said Docard had made contact with the images after drinking and needed help with the problem.

In addition, Ducart’s wife said he was humbled and wanted to participate in the program for her.
If the matter is terminated, a breach will occur.

He is 64 and has taught me for years and when he retired.
Teacher Assistant.

Until now, he has lived a good, honest and powerful life.

He was never convicted.

For more serious reasons, in addition to the children’s sexual interests, you get this number.

These photos show children aged 2 to 15 years.

These are horrible and disgusting pictures.

The progress made by these children cannot be fully explained.

Create this add-on for your method and see the problems and disadvantages.

You should be ashamed of your behavior.

Dadworth was sentenced to eight months and two years in prison.

He was also sentenced to 30 days of rehabilitation and 100 hours of inactivity.

Duckworth was also sentenced to 10 years for a sex offense.

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