A CA court has convicted a new judge Antichus of killing his father and a weapon he bought from Darknet

A California court has found Antakya guilty of killing her father, a prosecutor.
He said his son hit a convict.

Scott Eastman, 25, was sentenced to 50 years in prison in 2019
His father, Relis Eastman, died. Scott Eastman at the hearing
He argued with him and tried to keep killing his widow.
He became both father and son.

According to prosecutors, Riley Eastman, 44, died because Scott was involved in drug use at home.
This website, called Black, which is hidden on the Internet, is easy to explore and is often used or not used for illegal
Very happy. Ironically, police say the weapons were used on Scott’s crime website.

Scott asked the court to present Eastman’s case with three arguments: the court should not hold it.
Eastman’s cell phone has porn research on his cell phone, lack of longing for his mother and new brother
The lawyer violated the sentences and the judge heard evidence from her husband’s new husband.
Riley Eastman wants to die.

The Court of Appeals sentenced Scott Eastman three times; If they believe the prosecutor’s testimony is false,
And phone tracking is preferred because they (Eastman) help identify the owners of the best phones

In addition, the court has ruled in favor of the report
Eastman’s mother said if possible
I said that there was no reason to kill him without them
Thank you Eastman for participating. Mother, court, couple
There is not much advice on the night of the murder of your children

The investigation involved a police officer from Eastman’s mother
He became involved in crime, but he always became suspicious of it.
Her mother has not yet been arrested or prosecuted and has already testified
Before the exam, he accepted his fifth amendment
Respect, however, he agreed to accept after the award
Absence of body under the law of justice.

According to government sources, Eastman was sentenced to the Central Desert Prison.

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