A 60% increase in losses from bank theft in the first quarter of 19-20 years

Updated September 2, 2019

Security scientists are announcing the state of the world.
Malware abuse is also designed to protect users financially.
Bank accounts grew to 30,000 in the first half of 2019.
More than 60% of the 18,500 in the last quarter.

Malware developed for bank deposits grew by 60% in the first half.
Mobile Banking Trojan is one of the fastest and fastest advances.
According to a report by a cybersecurity company, such malware is dangerous.
Kaspersky Lab

They always steal money directly from the user’s portable bank account.
But sometimes theft in one form or another triggers change.
Malware certificates are still considered a formal log program.
Bank application when the victim tries to enter the right bank
Attack requests are available.

Kaspersky Lab saw about 30,000 changes in the 15th quarter of 2019.
Many banks tried to attack the 312,235 Trojan families.

Rapid progress in the pursuit of evil.
Especially when we can see how criminals work.
MacParism, Viker Chebshev, Kaspersky Falesuesue Defense,
He spoke in a statement.

For example, the current system is privately concealed by Trojan Horse Bank.
A piece of equipment was wetted underneath
Security measures may be threatening.
Add Chebyshev.

Isakobs new malware is 58.4%.
The report says all banks have previously attacked Trojan customers.
Published in 2015, the man took two years to complete this position.
Bad programs will not appear in 2018 due to the distribution of plans and results.
It employs 13,000 people a day.

After that, delivery prices will be paid
Kaspersky Lab also found a serious threat in the first quarter of 2019
Target an average of 200 users per day. This reduces the risk of infection
For Trojan Horse, users must install software
Security-sensitive and reliable resources are better than official software stores

Kaspersky Lab 3 843, 0 6, … Received responses
The top destructive attacks on network resources are in 203 neighboring countries
The world

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