Credit Card Thieves Caught Buying Tires Using Stolen Data Purchased From The Dark Web

Authorities said that Elijah H. and Aston S. planned to take about a dozen stolen tires back to Chicago together for sale through the network. However, the Tulsa dealership discovered and called the police.

“We learned from U-Trash that they have rented several trucks in Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Oklahoma over the past six weeks, which is common practice. They enter every city, commit crimes and return to Chicago, “said Detective Kayla Wiggs of Tulsa Police Financial Crimes.

Wiggs said the men ordered $2,200 worth of tires from Lexus of Tulsa. However, the employee who took the order was suspicious, and he checked the credit card, discovering it was stolen. When the suspects came to pick up the tires, the employee called police.

Officers then found a second truck that had six tires in it worth $1,300 from another Tulsa dealership. After returning those tires, police arrested Hawkins and Sanson. Authorities said there is another suspect in this case who has not yet been arrested.

Wiggs said the suspects appeared to be surprised they were arrested.

“They were kind of shocked at our laws because they assumed they could just bond right out and not come up with much money. They were surprised we require 10 percent to get out, and they don’t get that money back,” Wiggs said.

She said the men purchased the stolen credit card on The Dark Net is where criminals can buy whatever they want. Any time of day.

The victim whose credit card was stolen lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and had no idea that his card had been used to buy tires in Oklahoma.

Wiggs said this is a crime that could happen to anybody.

“I believe everybody’s credit card number is on there. It’s just a matter if you’re the unlucky person selected,” Wiggs said.

Police said Hawkins and Sanson are ex-cons from Illinois. In Oklahoma, they could both face criminal charges.

Finally, officers have reason to investigate: check credit card numbers and ID cards when customers come to pick up what they ordered by phone.

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