What is bitcoin?

What is bitcoin?

In short, bitcoin is a powerful currency. A combined gun used for industrial technology – it is not
And the server or server is required.

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AuthorBitcoin Author was launched on January 3, 2009 by software developer Satoshi Nakamoto
Bitcoin is offered as a trading platform as a publishing platform.

Bitcoin is based on a platform called mining, in which you use your computer to compete with other miners.
Solving double problems. A central server called a blockchain stores each new blockchain. Like this
Increase the length of the blockchain with each block.

Nakamoto dug the first segment of cryptocurrencies to create 50 bitcoins. This is known as the first bar.
The original location

The Bitcoin Foundation was established in September 2012 to support the development of Bitcoin. In December 2017, Bitcoin
Trading in previous years was almost nothing, not worth bitcoin In January 2009, bitcoin came in.
December is the highest day of December 17, 2017 with 19,783.06 Cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins, are 80% below their maximum
As a result, this decline is worse than the 78% decline since November 2019. The value of digital currency reaches $ 9 million.

Let’s see how Bitcoin differs from the original Fiat currency.

Limited proposal

Although fiat currencies have unlimited flow, the display of cryptocurrencies is controlled by a low algorithm. border
The 21 million bitcoins can be blocked.

Royal rule

Although fiat money is regulated by the central government, no central government supports cryptocurrencies.
And this will result in a better currency trading method for all financiers.


When customers register their bank address, the bank gives its origin. Although it is possible
The use of communication tools does not create a real world of the user.

Unable to cancel

Transactions can not be returned during the inspection, except for the sale of electricity due to lack of local authorities
The group fits


You can share Bitcoin (one hundred times) (0.0000000000001). This section is called …
Satoshi is. Money is easy to work with traditional electronic money.

Immediate action

Unlike electronic payment methods, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin simplify payments immediately

Low maintenance costs

The operating costs of sending money abroad are also low. Then the cryptocurrency is at the banks doors

However, not everyone accepts transactions. There are several problems with cryptocurrency for a number of reasons.
Understanding blockchain technology and the different features of the cryptocurrency market make it unique. So there you have it
There is always a risk to this. The constant nature of cryptographic transactions also forces people to avoid them.

Among other cryptocurrencies, they must meet several criteria if they are to be considered part of
Basic economics

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