The royalty of the Kombi Market with six people was held by BKA of Germany

The Federal Criminal Service (CFC) arrests three suspects in May 2020 on charges of drug trafficking.
Some “Darknet” “Webweb” “Combe”. While searching here
Of the six suspects, Iel Bielefeld captured several demonstrations, including drugs, weapons and parts.
Value 2, the original value of 250,000 accepted.

Since January 2020, the Criminal Investigation Service has been headed by the attorney general
Explore the Frankfurt Cambi Internet Center
The prosecutor’s office started investigations in May 2020 in Billyfield. Criminals have been reported.
The drug market has grown significantly since 2017, including heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, crystals and cannabis.

The team spearheaded sales on several platforms, including Bulgarian Air Copyright Apollovil in all markets.
The secret online business ( is part of the functioning Internet (Clearweb). Two:
The individual drugs are generally imported from the Netherlands. Sales and exports took place in Heffert.

This drug is useful for European consumers, but globally. Many drug packages in the United States
Canada Australia – Australia and other countries.

Serious investigations have been launched to attract three German nationalists between the ages of 27 and 27, 30 and 30 from
They were therefore found to be responsible for the illegal trade on the Internet.

There are now suspicions about the task.

Martina Ceza, Vice President of the Criminal Police Bureau:

> The program is proof that the Internet is not an illegal place. Especially anonymization and encryption
Darknet avoids intellectual property because it gives researchers knowledge and ingenuity.
Analysts and forensic experts have repeatedly led to great success. After successful action against you
Operators of the Darknet Wall Street Market platform and the online chemical revolution were arrested last year
This shows that we are following the sellers who use the websites and we continue to fight.

Nothing special needs to be done with the current research.

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