The New York couple wrote to try and buy Apple products using the database website information

The police arrested a married couple in New York on false charges
Shopping at the Lehigh Valley with the stolen Massachusetts logo.

The regional police department was sent to the cam club
From Route 248 in the northern community of Nazareth. 04, Friday
Investigate false reports.

Store employee Elias Philip (20) and Olivia Henrique (18) tried to seduce Apple products, a store employee said.
The association started with details about the stolen credit cards purchased, according to court sources, on the dark web.

Buy Apple Watch and some Apple planes for $ 655
New members open to the Melrose woman, Massachusetts,
According to the record. Philips announced that they had bought the iPad
$ 649 for open membership and the Mansfield brand,

The new members took office a few hours before Phillips and Henriques took office, police said.

Product stores cannot be shipped to Philippe
Hendrix, he couldn’t show that Sam was the same
Club member. We stopped selling
Previous article Former police.

Authorities criticized the couple
Certain activities can be detected as fraud and deception. She
There are two theories behind it, one is wrong
Theft and identity theft.

District Judge Jacqueline Tasner
Friday nights are set for the couple to reunite in the Philippines
Hendrix – from 15,000 to 10,000 USD. Receive a 10% deposit

Henriques left next Saturday
Some have $ 1,000 in Phillips’ name and are being fired
He waited for $ 1500 for someone else one Sunday. Yes
Henriques and Philip had to leave Sams
They treated each other like magicians.

His arrest at the Sams Club last week was for stealing information. Police have arrested him in the state
Because Brooklyn left her and took one of them while the police tried.

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