Phone scams stole $ 100 from Sanandi women in the form of gift cards

In five days, one northern woman lost more than 100,000 lives. Police tell Ocean that the thieves stole their money through
computer fraud
It’s not like they haven’t seen it before.

At the time of the incident, the 68-year-old victim was working on a home computer and claimed to be infected with a computer
virus. Give the number:
Click on the one that matches your Microsoft number and call that number.

He is like a very professional police sergeant. Said von von McCain.

Fraudsters on the other side of the phone scared the victim to think that a cybercrime thief might have stolen the computer
He said he had to buy a gift card to get money from a bank and secure it.
According to the victim’s daughter.

The victim used a credit and debit card to target Ocean, Carlsbad and Macy’s and Nordstrom.
Ask a secretary to buy dubious gift cards over the phone.

They should be told that they are in front of a shop worker who hates this scam, so they can find out who it is.
The guy helps me out, McCain said.

Ocean Police said they immediately counted the gift card numbers as soon as the victim hit the store.

There is a website that sells gift certificates. He can go to a black website, where he is made anonymously and with people who
buy these gifts
Too short for a penny, McCain said.

Five days before Thanksgiving, lost. Lost 1 billion.

According to the victim, the scammers told him he was talking to the bank and they did everything.
Spend every day.

Cards are sold online and used in New York, Oregon, Washington and California.

McKenney says these are smart and comfortable people who use their time in the right place.

The bank is investigating the incident, and the victim’s daughter says she hopes to get her money back.

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