Online voters received 32 32,000 in 7 days for fixing cryptocurrency bugs

Posted on July 18, 2019

Adjustment of white hat and cryptocurrency
Appropriate license. According to a recent Hardfield report, the man is a competitor
In the ministry, they received about 32,150 in 7 days.
Blockchain Company.

The most popular consumers are IOTon, Contor and Defer. There are 15 other related companies.
Blokchain met to seek help from these white carriers. Most of the thieves were hired March 28 to 16 May.
According to company reports.

According to reports, Omsys is always choosing vendors
Fixing cryptocurrency errors. Coinbase just wants to do so
Cryptocurrency regulation. Fire Software and Rent 3 Braille for hackers
Contact China’s integration
Monroe and Electronics have requested repairs.

Let’s dry it
The block company that ordered the most payments
Thai compani. It is one of its main business partners
McDonald’s, Pizza and King Power. In October 2018, Omize received the award
[From Japan
The company name is 31 VENTURI. With that money, he was supposed to help expand the presence of Omis in Japan.

Now when
Today’s cryptography repair costs can be borne by yourself
erigbu. and Aeternity imposed a $ 10,000 fine
people who denied it.

Binance, the cryptocurrency in the world
Back then, hackers were found who stole 7,000 bitcoins.
In dollars, that’s $ 55 million. Personal data of the owner
their face was stolen Why this company?
It contributes $ 100,000 to solve the most endangered problems
Weaknesses in their structure.

Michael Terpin, founder and CEO of Group Change Group, has a $ 24 billion cryptocurrency trading platform
A few decades ago. Headquarters: Terpin,
sinners receive it
personal information by interfering with AT&T employees working with them
O yes. Terpin has 30 additional customers so far
at AT&T for this type of violence.

Another cryptocurrency exchange called cryptocurrency is almost gone
[Ether is healthy
Jan. attack coin. Additionally, the company has received other attacks from vendors who have stolen Ethereum and ERC20
Those 16 million are expected to be the target of a major cryptocurrency attack this year.

Converts one million dollar “cryptocurrency” currency
aumingi. Thus, it can be concluded that the need for a white hat company
Go to debugging cryptocurrency.

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