was attacked and your user data went offline

A dark retailer has been arrested on a weed farm in Brittany, Scotland

When I started mining the community online in July last year.
Part of the competitive environment is the result of the contract
Out of approximately 321,000 members, the site is illegal
Intention? Apply this week.

This damage led to the release of the database using doxxxing
Includes account 749161 and related IP addresses
(Most anonymous), password removal, personal information,
Black name

According to Ars Tech
The media and the media believe that the community is deteriorating.
This software operates in the context of MyBB development. The journalists said
About 397,000 cases have a 2.11 GB folder
Delete personal information. Describe problems such as interruptions
Sell a Fortnight account with incorrect software.

Speaking of RaidForms campaigns, owner, developer and administrator
This powerful employee told Allstechnik that there was a problem
It is not completely isolated, but only by exploitation.

First published in on July 27th
Executive Flori has already warned members that the trust is running a committee
For backups of the forum for the period from the end of 2018 to June 2019.
Let me tell you about neo-hippies and global warming
Users can change passwords and restore all databases.
Fluoride ensures that users’ passwords are secure
The forum recently changed to a more powerful hash algorithm.

The announcement came on August 8th after another briefing on the subject.
Back up your database with all data from July 21st
2019, Florin wrote. All passwords were released a few weeks ago.
Fragmentation with advanced hash algorithm and more

The forum has causal effects
Distribute the location of the person who saved it and posted it

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