A Texas man is charged with trafficking child pornography on the dark Internet

The man has been arrested in Tyler under the national child pornography program.
According to the court, he faces federal charges.

Dakota James Kersix, 27, was arrested in October after she reported a phone arrest warrant for child pornography over the phone.

According to the arrest report on Tuesday, the National Center for Children and Missing Persons uses Dallas contact information
Disability Police on Yahoo! 263 files are associated with child pornography files. Dallas police then confirmed it
Tyler Police Tips.

A journalist, a special Tyler police judge, visited the case and investigated the request and decided to name the boy.

A call was made to Jericho’s home address in Tyler.

The statement said police spoke with Girks at the home, who initially refused to watch child pornography and later pleaded
What a coincidence.

With one click, the vibration allows him to view and download child pornography and smuggle it into the dark network.

A search of Jerks’ phones through forensic investigations revealed 19,388 photos and 236 videos
This includes children who engage in sexual behavior.

Judicial records show that the case against the FBI was launched on November 22.

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