A dark retailer has been arrested on a weed farm in Brittany, Scotland

Drug dealers refuse to go to jail after stealing 8,000 cannabis plants from their homes.

Balint Kajap-Nagya supplies some class B drugs from a class on Montrose Road in Birchin.

A police raid found 620 grams of marijuana with drugs.

A recently detained Hungarian citizen in the Netherlands awaits the suspicion
The punishment is severe, according to Sheriff Alter Brown.

The Dundee court found that curtains, lanterns and lamps with 21 cans of wood were found.
Plants of different plants

The resource is also available in several messages on Kaszap-Nagys mobile phones.
Blackberry and White Widow are two different types below.
Supports BB and WW

Officers found a package of marijuana with the brand name, which was sent via Royal Mail.

Tax representative Kirsten Letford said an inspection had been carried out there.
Many articles related to marijuana sales were found.

Compatible with visible web providers on laptops.

The total quantity of cannabis is 662 grams and its price is 8000 parts.

Kazangi, 26, was raped this fall
Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical products from May 28 to August 31 last year.

He is accused by his girlfriend Anita Fodor
Only ion medicine is anti-drug.

Prosecutor John Boyle said Caspop-Nag visits him regularly
Home appointments and previous statements

Sheriff Brown was asked to post bail, but he refused.

The decision was postponed for another month and Caspes Nag was arrested.

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