A British drug dealer, who smuggles drugs on the black internet, at 4.5. Sentenced to 4.5 years in prison

Drug fraud in Luxembourg
As the UK’s first cannabis shell throwing line
For these crimes he was sentenced to four and a half years in prison.

Wielt, 34, uses black pages and cryptocurrency to pinpoint cable requests
It is said to offer Canadian products from Canada
Medicines for those who need to breathe.

Dolly has placed drug administrator Helm Brooklyn Avenue in her home.

He went to the marijuana post office.

The Royal Court said the British border agency was the first to seize the package
201 drugs were found at Coley Airport.

When officers searched them, they found 80,000 to 1.16 grams of cocaine.

For September 201, a package of 13030 grams of marijuana is planned for the devil
The Border Agency found 1,300 homes.

In May 2017, another 1,800 cannabis apartments were found at the Dennis Gate in Canada.

That’s right
In June 2017, the Canadian Workers Goal arrested 110 people
Fifteen loads of kava were sent to Doyle in his box.

Senior police officers visited Doyle’s safety vehicle.

I found Doyle Park 14g
Has a strong clay-breaking effect of type B aluminum foil.
THC coconut oil.

Doyle was arrested on Monday, August 8, 2017 on suspicion of injecting drugs A and B.

While searching for the address, the staff found evidence inside the package
It is extracted from the glass and infused with THC
From his body

Lots of cigarettes,
Gloves, pockets and uppercase letters.
He suggests that Doyle prescribe medicine for this method
His problem.

Police are still smuggling 5,000,000 cannabis and are ready to smuggle it to Amsterdam
And a small bowl of mushrooms.

The fifth ball came while talking to me. Materials
2 g grams of green leaves are hidden in 500,000 boxes.

Without warning appearing in court Doyle said: I am a marijuana doctor
I take dangerous and non-dangerous drugs
My community is a victim.

I am homeless and drunk
Thank you dad for being a bad example to me, and I also got bad skull injuries
The only thing that brings health benefits

It is not dangerous for me and for society
I do not agree with that. I want to use marijuana as a medicine
Rastafari and Hinduism are thousands of years old. Yes
Health, trees. That’s not right. Marijuana is a pharmacy

But Judge William Davis reported the decision
Personal: You have a definition of medical marijuana
Goal not reached.

You entered illegally
National value of bangs and shows results
Home is normal.

He told the jury
Prove he did, make sure you have it
The illegality and use of cryptocurrency reduces its effectiveness. You
The judge was told to try to avoid revelation and to know the truth
This is against the law.

He filed the last lawsuit
Chlamydia for other patients with other diseases. That’s it.
He concluded that he was not emphasizing that he was not trained and trained
Profits show the variety of goods delivered

Terry Crompton, head of GMP
In Maine, he said: Nathan Dale thinks it’s over
There are no rules and regulations.

We will be at this stage
He attracted attention when he condemned his illegal actions
House address and center.

I want to thank the authorities because this man is behind these problems thanks to his tireless work.

I hope that this sentence sends a clear message that we will continue to seek medicine, that we have a long and long way to go.
They were taken to trial.

Doyle was sentenced to four and six years in prison on Brooklyn Halmin Street
July Distribution of medicines, import
Cocaine and three cannabis are imported.

It also plays a role in the import of THC, which is used to transport viruses and produce B-drugs.

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