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Zafar / xmpp Instant Message Education Program Otr

darknet Zafar / xmpp Instant Message Education Program Otr
Darknet Zafar / xmpp Instant Message Education Program Otr

Updated July 17, 2019

Pidgin is a free online tool that allows you to manage and manage instant cash (IM) with a lot of money.
The OTR network connection for use with Pidgin provides a secure connection.
Users of pidgin.

Before using Pidgin, you must have an instant mailing list and sign up for your Pidgin account.
Like many services provided by Xmpp servers, just search Google. We recommend See
Set up the account there.

1. Go to, upload and install Pidgin.

2. Start the Pidgin program. When using Pidgin for the first time, the following screen will appear:

pidgin [Click the Add button to display the virtual account window as follows:

4. To view the chat services supported by Pidgin, click the Protocol drop-down list and then click the following xmppas:

pidgin [For example, click on your email address
[email protected]) Username in the password field for the corresponding account. Press the A key.
The name of the place is the nickname you want to include in the forum. (This website is optional.) Important: Improve the
Data protection and security, passwords may not be saved. This means that Pidgin always requests a password
You speak. This prevents translators from entering and stopping
The computer doesn’t last long. The final account entry tool is as follows:

pidgin [Add to your account.

To add a friend to your IM Pidgin account, do the following: Click Friends to display the corresponding menu
Now select a description: Add friends as follows:

pidgin [Display the following screen:

pidgin [Enter your email address in the username and add your friend. It will send you a text message
A friend who requests or approves a post is considered the recipient of the following online friend:

pidgin [Friends should do the following.
Step: Authorization or rejection If you have accepted your request, it will appear in your friends list.

pidgin [Send a message to a friend. It is definitely true
Enter the Buddhist name field to open a new window below.

pidgin [walk and press

Pidgin [Last step! No way
Open OTR. Go to / and download the otr plugin for pidgin. Put it down. Good luck
To install, open Talent, click Tools, and select Add-ons.

Pidgin [See OTR now matches slide.

Pidgin OTR [now to send messages via OTR). Its over there
Follow Step 7 and click Options then select Personal Information Note: This only works when both are available
The plugin contains components that are installed and activated.

Don’t forget to talk later
You talk to your friends. All these records have been damaged.

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