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You are invited to events used for Google Calendar and fraud attacks

darknet You are invited to events used for Google Calendar and fraud attacks
Darknet You are invited to events used for Google Calendar and fraud attacks

Published July 18, 2019

Researchers say Google Calendar is used as spam for phones and occasions.

The method is very simple: the attacker makes
calendar messages and fake tracks
sent to Gmail and G Suite users. Standard smartphone
Gmail automatically adds activities to your calendar and notifies you
about theft when users click on a link, they are redirected to a fraudulent website
or can download malicious software directly. When a popup window appears
users may better consider using Google Calendar
contact them and turn off Gmail spam filters
The party is.

Investigator Kaspersky wants to send a calendar message with fake URL links
Maria Vergelis, in a recent blog post
An alert appears on the smartphone screen and the recipient must click on the link.
The website visitor asked the victims to provide their credit card information and add their personal information.
sent directly to the cheater.

Kaspersky researchers have seen examples of incorrect studies with questionnaires
It also offers cash prizes with recipes
Or transfer on your behalf.

Naaman Hart, Digital Guard for Cloud Services Security Services,
SC Media UK has shown a broad trend in the news: this is an attack
Check customer safety again for the main interest
Software developer In this case, Google will try to force us
Once we get it done we focus on something by asking answers
Calendarbudgever. Autism seems to be the norm for everyone
We need to pay attention to apps and suggestions today
Hopefully, imagine how lucky you are if you follow a stranger
Have you ever asked such questions invisibly and regularly?

Users need more control over the functioning of the program
The standard message format between us and the installation should be minimal
To someone. This brings additional benefits to improve work life
Weight and back pressure for continuous ignition. Here is the proof
Everything you need for a smart device always hurts you
Sleep and well-being

Boris Sipot, Synopsis’ senior security engineer, warned
Care must also be taken when working with trusted programs:
In this case ask questions about each email and invitation sent to you. In that case
If you find this strange, false, or unusual, ask the bidder
If he really prayed. Do not click or view links or attachments
Pay attention to phishing message symbols: wrong words, ads
Translation, foreign URLs etc. If you are not sure, it is best to remove it. How
Kaspersky has shown that automation is not your friend in this case
Do not automatically add invitations to your Calendar app
Your calendar, but check it carefully and add it if not

The terms of service for Google and Google are described in the statement
Product policies can help prevent abuse in our country
We try to avoid services and work hard
Corruption. Spam doesnt completely disappear, then we create it
Sometimes progresses well in spam.

We are committed to protecting users from spam
We want to spam the image content and give users the opportunity
Report spam on columns, forms, Google Drive and Google Photos
Like Hangouts, spam prevents you from interacting with them. Except for us
Users care and worry about toxic substances
URL to use Google Chrome’s Secret Net Filter.

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