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Yoko Roosterware has invited hackers to join the affiliate program

darknet Yoko Roosterware has invited hackers to join the affiliate program
Darknet Yoko Roosterware has invited hackers to join the affiliate program

[New ransomware service
(Ross) and four package companies.

Based on ads based on the Darknet Hacking site, Jokeru allows users to access and pay for solution products

Ransomware-A allows hackers to register with Ransomware and distribute it at any time.

Contractors pay part of the money received by customers to Ross subsidiaries.

Adult participation is a training program for beginners. It allows the beginnings of software marketing.

Trainers with little knowledge of computer security can do this without the mistakes they make.

The story of the Joker
Computer security analyst Damian Damian 1338b on Twitter announces the Joker Rass announcement on sale
Gand Krabinsiware Buy.

The upgrade was announced on on the Hacker site.

However, in the end, David Montenegro (ry CryptoInsign) wrote that another researcher was called Raz.
You are kidding.

Only the creator started selling RaS on Twitter. They have nothing to do with Gandacrab.

The last wolf

Lawrence Abrams in the computer room
It deviates from other RaS in providing departmental services.

Abram said Jokaru has decided to offer three benefits in its services.

To register for looga Ross, prepare your own mailbox.

The lowest cost is flood 90. At this price, the company receives 85% of the selling price.

The $ 90 list is a list of benefits that authors can choose from. For others, they can
Choose the food you want that works for you.

Find out the facts in the Kurious Affordable Renewer list. Source: Crypto Insign

They can use logos, extensions and toggle icons.

Additionally, low-cost packages allow you to use a lot of programs to achieve the same effect.

All victims should be controlled from the dashboard by pointing to an IP address.

This package allows users to trade bitcoins. People with antivirus software have access to more that they do not control

The other two packages are categories $ 300 and .64 and are allowed to hold all returns. In addition, they have other benefits
There are many types of redemption, saving money and code in Salsa 20.

Another feature offered by Raas
In addition to many of the benefits offered by Jogrew, the developers also announced that users will benefit more from their

The developer has promised that Jogrew users will receive information about hacking on rice dashboards.

Detailed information will include details of the victims / recovery, the time of the attack, the amount of rescue and their

Below is a short list of victims, according to Montenegrin tweets.

The show list is a list of victims of Western redemption as a service.
A guide to studying Julao’s ministry. Error: Crystalins
The event sequence is shown as follows:

Screen Creation of comics.

Report the official Joker report. Source: Cryptosense
Moreover, in the form of a Windows operating system, players can monitor the victim’s condition.
Use and use

Furthermore, users can identify the promise message depending on the package they choose.

Protection against LS and other malware

You will need to know more about online attacks by understanding how easy it is to find dangerous targets.

One way to protect your data is to create archives. Users can transfer additional copies of their files to external systems or
cloud servers.
Make sure your archive is locked to provide additional protection.

In addition, the computer software needs to be updated. Software updates always guarantee fast repairs
Avoid cyberattacks that do not affect cars.

Help files and files are used.
That’s why it’s important to remove or search for the suspicious URL and download the malware before opening it.

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