Wisconsin pedophilia sentenced to 5 years in prison for downloading child sex online

Burnett, 56, is in prison all day because he has access to child pornography through the black internet.

Jeffrey W. Summa was convicted of possession of child pornography in three episodes.

On Friday, Esco Dodge appeared before court judge Joseph Sisias and sentenced him to 10 years’ imprisonment and 10 points.
Long hair care years.

In addition, you must pay legal fees and still be registered as a victim of color and life.

Special mention of the Wisconsin Department of Homeland Security after the trial
The infamous IP scandal erupted in March after learning that it had been ordered on a child pornography website
In a dark web

A dark page is a term for a group of sites on a secure network that cannot be imagined.

The IP encryption message is displayed on Beaver Dam servers. In addition, ISPs provide staff research
Yes and the number

Cakkum was questioned and told a police officer that he had seen sexually explicit images of women over the age of 18, and
Because his wife was in the house most of the time.

He later advised dark websites to remove child pornographic videos. Doctors said they would remove the device.
View and delete specific files.

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