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What’s happening in the beet market? Is it fraud or casting?

darknet What's happening in the beet market? Is it fraud or casting?
Darknet What's happening in the beet market? Is it fraud or casting?

The small black market of non-current internet marketers is unconfirmed. For the past five days, customers have been worrying
He begins to complain that he cannot enter the market. This is especially true if employees do not have the opportunity to trade,
and then win
Iwe. Most users get 502 traffic errors when viewing ddos key.

Within a few days, the situation worsened when the customer admitted that his business account and name were no longer valid.
It does not go into it, but all products are still on the list and the products are not listed in the product. Is the thing
A trader named Sankhara warned other traders to avoid this ad and take Bitcoin as soon as they block it.
Use shopping baskets and wallets. He states:

Warning to all BitBazaar users: do so if there is an option to cancel or delete the list.
In the meantime, the wallet board + creative ticket holder is locked because it can be blocked quickly.
Here it is.

It will now appear that some journalists have the same problem, so they started.

Do not buy BitBazaar Marketplace from our store, please let all of our customers know.


After receiving several complaints and not responding to an email from BitBoardsEdims (usually responding within a day), A.
The problem is clear to us. We are reporting this business as a scam and sending a big red alert to our site to prevent its users
from buying it.

Foreign trade hacked according to ADMIN
Yesterday we received a message from a marketing manager a few months ago that he was monitoring the bitcoin market.
He stole around $ 170,000 and some gold bitcoin from his wallet. He took full responsibility for the pirate and said yes.
For a while, BitBazers management decided to close the deal because they had broken the market and stole bitcoinseb.
You can run with the same amount of money before being attacked by the assassin.

However, he could not accept this claim because we were unable to provide convincing evidence of its existence.
Market 1. On the other hand, the black talk seems to point to the Pitbazaar, which the director says eliminates all models.
Yesterday they deleted the data, published a page with problems with the providers on the main page, as well as a photo. he said:


According to the trusted business director, yesterday he announced that he was forced to make changes, and today:

All models have been removed.
System status deleted.
BitAsk does not work
Merchants cannot enter their world.
Remove homepage.
Support does not work.

As far as we know, BB was divided into BB.
By the time I learned that the amount of money stolen was 170,000, the authorities had ordered the attacker to break his BB
In Bit City 4, the recovery plan clearly shows that you have lost more than 4 bets.
He told me it was just a reward for the pirates.

You told me yesterday that they would refresh me, that it would take me 6 hours, that we were on our way out.
Also, before 19:00 UTC, all the waiting is over.
Im sure the guy who wrote the board account yesterday was the real CEO of BB.

Enter at 19:00 MCT.

I dont think he carries an LED because the director has a good vote.

Who knows.


Mod Bibi ek

Weak legal action
There are many theories about bitcoin fraud and common explanation of seizure under German law.
Performance. We even talked to the Station Wagon, he said he enjoyed working with Bitbazar and was a good friend of the manager.
He also said he would regularly talk to administrators via a mobile app called Vickers.

The time frame of so-called deceptive advertising and small advertising campaigns is good, but not enough. Texture
When police arrest users, they add more banners to the user’s web page to get them, but it’s not.
What will happen to the little bar.

We do not know why these letters. It could be a scam out, it could be a scam site, or it could be a scam out
It can be a thief or a law that must be struck. No matter what, it was clear that all the workers were gone
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