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What happened to the Econarus market? Closing or Not in Crime?

According to the owner, the former assistant manager played hockey on Icarus Market

If the market comes out of fraud, when the police catch or arrest them, I feel bad. It reminds me
You are not doing enough to protect your reader. Last year alone, it fraudulently entered more than 15 markets, losing users
Dollars. Here’s the question: is it possible to protect yourself from losing money? The answer is yes, you can. Please
Read and understand every word of my article because it is so important. Today I am shocked, sometimes vihjaan
Tested and these tricks will help you save money on losses.

The current state of the dark network is poor. It’s dark time. The original scammers destroyed confidence
Users in a dark online store. The big spammer is still active and functional
More than five markets, including a new market called Invictus Market.

Icarus market is missing for more than 48 hours. We have seen some updates of the big Lauro update, but no real updates
Responsible. As you all know, the modules do not know the real situation. We have seen it in many cases. I will try
Investigate losses in public and hope for the return of leaders.

About two days ago, when the market was weak, I sent a report to Icarus market managers to investigate the current management.
I talk to the manager regularly and most of the time when I report to him I get an hour response, but this time it’s different.
I didn’t answer, so I sent him a message and asked for a reply. Today I finally got a small answer there
You told me what’s happening in the market.

I know what you and everyone else is thinking, but not you. I do not intend to leave, for the time being at least. My partner and
Leaders are changing their perspective on business and spending. So I quit my job and believed
This is the same person who hacked our server, deleted files, stole all BTC and checked our CCA key. I will now, even if I want
There is nothing you can do to reach new and safer media in the future. Thank you to all the losers
Their money

Ikara officials sent us an email
Note. Remember that we use email by email.

Sheep marketplace aircraft catalog was launched in March 2013. After the accident, it is an unknown but famous brand.
The first silk was in October, when all its customers went to the sheep market. Published in less than three months
Closed companies accused the seller of entering the $ 6 million market at a price of 5,400 BTC. Although many users have reported
If the product stops moving it a week before closing.

As for Icarus, we see the same pattern. The difference here is that the deputy director has all the money, and he gives
It is less than a month to bring all buyers to the UK market. It is important to remember that all AF (disconnects quickly)
Service provider rights were suspended two weeks before the event.

What can you do to help protect yourself from becoming a victim of wealth management?
These simple but effective tips will prevent you from making a lot of money. I have a responsibility to share with you a very good
So you know how to protect yourself from this bunch in the future.

* Buy regularly from national retailers and select experienced and reputable retailers. And they get good sales
Its from scammers because they can take a loss and try to keep their customers. We do this from time to time.
* Always choose a faster delivery method, especially if you follow the route the next day
* Never save money in folders. Make a daily coin for the day you want to buy it
* Try to buy smaller items today. If you always want to buy a big one, contact a reputable seller and sign a sales contract.
They are made in many places.
* Avoid the dark web If you see that many schemes are coming to an end soon.
* If you are a regular customer, retailers offer special offers for non-commercial businesses. However, you can do the same with
reputable service providers
Warning is recommended.

The result
Icarus obviously does not exist. We thought it was a fake ban, but the manager said the market was shaking. Sorry, all of you
Too bad I recommend you leave the rest of Torin Net for a few minutes. It is not clear at this time or after
We’ll see more schemes in the coming weeks / months. There are many new and exciting markets. Excellent case status
How we can stay on stage for months is about letting the market mature and making a decision.
Go back and use it.

Author: John Marsh and c

Disclosure: The thoughts and feelings in this chapter are those that are written and do not always belong to the owner.
Employer policy or status. The information and reports described in this article are for informational purposes only. He is the
It is not responsible for any of its readers.

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What happened to the Icarus market? Cut or finally lie?

What happened to the carcarus market? Hafner or exam fraud?