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What happened to the carcarus market? Hafner or exam fraud?

A former local writer harassed Icarus Market

I feel very bad when the law enforcement authorities find or catch the fraud escape. That’s right, I remember
It is not enough to protect my students. Last year alone, more than 15 markets were misled and millions of customers arrived.
Dolls The question arises, is there a way to protect yourself from losing money? The answer is yes, it is possible. you are
Read and understand all the words in the article because they are very important. Sick patients share time-consuming tips with
Try and save money in these ways.

The current state of Darknet is very bad. The dark time continues. Faith after the fraud of Exodus was broken
Buyers in Darknet markets. The spam market is still active and evolving
More than 5 markets, including a new market called Invictus Market.

Icarus market market place is now over 48 hours long. We’ve seen something new from Larous Head Mode, but it’s not true
Directors. As you all know, the models are not known for the current situation. We have seen this many times in the future. He’s
trying to do it
Check for personal injuries and wait for the manager to return.

About two days ago, when the market collapsed, I sent a letter to Ikarus Marketing Manager with an update on the current
situation. It was me
I talked to the manager all the time and if I emailed him, I would reply within an hour, but now the situation is different.
I did not receive a reply, so I wrote to her, hoping for the best. Today I have a short answer
He speaks clearly about what is happening in the market.

I know I mean you and others, but I do not know. I have no intention of cheating. Me and my partner
There are administrative inconsistencies related to budget management practices and allocations. I think I was kicked out of the
He set up our server, deleted the data and stole it. D. K and hold our pgp button. I like it now
In the future, create new and stable markets. I forgive those who have lost me
Their property.

Icarus emailed us
Note: Please note that the email address we use is the one you requested.

According to the SCAM
Sheep marketplace release of ICARUS & SHEE MARKET EXIT, held in March 2013. It is an unknown market, but it is gaining
The first cloth in October, when all customers attend the sheep market. He was released less than three months later.
The seizure of the market, as’s’s debt, displeased the market and stole 5,400 baht ($ 6 million). Although it has been reported by
some users
All shipments are out half a week before the market closes.

The same pattern is found in the example of Icarus. The only difference is that the author’s manager stole all that money
All of the state’s markets have less than a month in which consumers participate. Note that all FES (already expired)
The trade discount was canceled two weeks before the event.

What should we lose?
These simple and effective tips will save you a lot of money. My job is to share good habits with you
You know how to protect yourself from these scams in the future.

* Always buy from a home seller and choose one with more experience and feedback. It is also offered by major retailers
Because they incur losses along the way and try to retain customers. We have seen this many times.
* Always choose the easy way, especially to move forward the next day
* Do not keep money in your wallet. Include coins whenever you plan to purchase
* Try to buy smaller quantities. If you are going to buy more, talk to a reputable seller and make a purchase agreement.
Products in many parts.
* If you see a lot of scams appearing in a short period of time, stay away from the dark networks.
* If you are a regular consumer, retailers offer to shop in the market. You can do this with trusted service providers
Was careful.

the work
Icarus appears to be gone. We thought it was a scam, but according to the manager, the market had collapsed. I apologize to
Your loss I advise everyone to stay away from the dark web for a while. It is particularly unsafe at this time
We may see another scam in the coming weeks / months. Many markets are new and unreliable. better now
Shares remained unknown to the adult markets for several months after the market decision
Come back and use it.

Authors: John Mass and C. You F

The work says you dont want it anymore, and the ideas and statements in this article are the authors and dont express them.
Legislation depends on the status of the owner. The tips and review in this article are for informational purposes only. The one
he owns
He is not responsible for the actions of his students.

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