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What happened to the BitBazaar market? Get rid of betrayal or does LE do it?

The market for black and medium plots is currently unknown. The number of different users has decreased in the last five days.
They complain that they cannot enter the market. Of course, users cannot enter the market
Fear. After loading the correct ddos download, many users found 502 malicious errors in the gateway.

Throughout the day, the situation worsened when the seller asked for the name of their supplier’s factory without logging in.
It is not possible to report this, but all products are listed and do not work. The second
A trader named Sanhara warns his trader to stay away from this market and remove bitcoin after it is blocked.
Access to the discussion panel is secure. He said:

> If all the providers you buy from Bitbazar have the ability to delete or delete records, please do so.
Today, our control panel + bag is locked, so it will not work because the support card is locked.
That too.

Today I saw similar dealers on this topic, so they really started to show up

Inform all our customers, do not buy into BitBazaar Marketplace.

Private life!

When you receive a lot of complaints from Bitcoin sellers and dont get a response to our emails (usually within a day),
The situation is clear to us. We’ve identified this market as fake and posted a big red alert to our site to remove users.

Hack needs Eddie Market
Yesterday, we received an order from the market director, who was caught a few months ago, saying he had reversed the betting
Bitcoin and hot steel wallets cost between 170 and 170,000. He is fully responsible for the hacking and has indicated that this is
the case
When he entered the market for the second time and stole Bitcoin, he decided to close and take over the market.
Make as much money as you can in front of the attacker.

However, we cannot confirm his statement because he cannot prove that it has been broken.
Resist opposition. On the other hand, there is a kind of sale in the copy where the president says it has been completely
The retailer closed the login page for yesterday to clear the food. He says:

Keep calm

Gaa Bitbazaard. The webmaster said he posted an update yesterday:

All functions are deleted.
Model profile.
BitAsk does not work
The retailer has no option to go for a service.
Delete pages.
Support does not work.

We only know that BP is closed.
I read somewhere that the thief stole 170 kilograms and the manager said that the thief took our hot stuff
It’s less than 4 BTC, but fake fraud proved to be brighter than 4 BTC.
Makes me precious to eat every day

Yesterday I said that I would give a six-hour renewal. We were the only ones to return books back.
In fact, the expected value is completed at 19:00 UTC.
I dare to say that the person who joined the fencing sport manager yesterday is actually the PP manager.

I went to 7 Palm. It was 00 UTC.

I will not say that we maintain a fairly good LE option.

I do not know what it is

Do not use

BB News
a little

It’s legalized
Much has been said about the adoption and implementation of the German law enforcement authorities
Complaint. I have a chat, I want to be a watcher of my friends’ asses.
He said he often worked with management using the Witter phone system.

The scams were released in the form of an issue and BitBazaar asked the scammers to cooperate. But this is not always enough
When law enforcement enters the market, large startup programs are added to their websites to inform users about deletion
services, but no
This is the case with Bitcoin

We don’t know exactly what happened to Bitcoin, it may be a scam, a scam spread or not
This can be a violation of the law as a legal initiative in the market. Whether or not all users are guaranteed to be lost
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