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Well-known vendors Alfabi and Sir 1 Humboldt pharmacies have pleaded guilty to selling drugs on the dark network

darknet Well-known vendors Alfabi and Sir 1 Humboldt pharmacies have pleaded guilty to selling drugs on the dark network
Darknet Well-known vendors Alfabi and Sir 1 Humboldt pharmacies have pleaded guilty to selling drugs on the dark network

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A Los Angeles man has been charged with drug trafficking and trafficking in an online store.
It happened in Bakersfield.

U.S. Attorney McGregor W. Scott reports Anthony, 31
Lemons pleaded guilty to U.S. District Court charges today
Conspiracy to share drugs. Your trial is scheduled to begin in January.
He faces 13 to 20 years in prison and a $ 1 fine.

Bakersfield Police Department, along with other units
In conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Departments public safety investigation
Assistant Research Department.

According to the application agreement, the sale took place in 2013 and 2017.
Current activities in Dino, Carnegie and Fresno

Pimfirmids sells lemons, some melons, and cannabis, which serve the names of Humboldt’s farms.
Dark places like Silk Road and Alpha B are the biggest selling points for cocaine and oxygen
According to court documents, 6,000 marijuana orders were ordered.

Many letters
The Southern California team was charged
Billions of dollars in drug distribution networks
The federal prosecutor’s office said it had closed the “association” in Aden.

Authorities convicted William James in a closed court hearing in Eastern California on Thursday, August 17, 2017.
Forber, 37, and Brendan Anthony, 29, of Los Angeles, confirmed that the controlled substance was stored and distributed.
Money laundering conspiracy.

They also receive a tax
Of conspiracy and distribution of controlled substances
Richard Thomas Martinson, 29, of Studio City; Michelangelo Palma, 22 years old
Los Angeles; Michelle Picarelli, 47, of Altaden; And Faisal Mustafa
31 of Woodland Hills.

According to the investigation, the group sold to two underground traders. First, the cleaners work
The second dark trail runs from August 2013 to May 2017 according to the alphabet.

The dark web is a remote part of the internet
Instead, traditional search engines require special programming languages

Once completed, the group ends
Marijuana, oxycodone, hydrocodone, psilocybin (with)
Also Known As Magic Mushroom, Ecstasy, LSD, Xenox and Ketamine
Protect Yourself.

The team collected and sent about 1000 emails
In La Pia, this 271-door house is surrounded by elections every week
A village in Altadina. Criticism of defense crime
The police met with Pecral and other conspirators.
Picrel called the children.

In the four years since its inception, the group has sold more than 7 million bitcoin products.
Digital money, police say.

Criticism of Bitcoins and MIT changes by teachers as well as students
The financial crisis in the Boston Globe in 2013 exacerbated the market economy.

Defendants submit the loan amount to the Central Bank
Less than $ 10,000 to eliminate and reduce government reporting requirements
From other banks’ websites for at least daily payment,
Officials said.

Investigators use court documents to identify the person involved in the plot and end criminal proceedings.

In 2014, DEA agents discovered a secret pharmacy in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Most of the US Postal receipts were received there.
They traveled from California to Color in two different directions.
The devil said.

Faber sent a man from Cambridge to ask for money.

Then Faber began his research with knowledge of Bitcoin
He turned out to be the man behind PureFire Meds.
About 5,500 online drug orders placed by black online retailers
The period from 2013 to 2014.

In 2016, authorities found him a farmer.
Authorities said he was on vacation in Jamaica. When it came back
Agents searched and found his cell phone
Photos of him and his friends in different trees. In a photo
Wash twice (write nitric oxide with less iron)
Cup) according to the referees, while on the scoreboard.

Later in this year
For example, the researchers were assigned the task of examining the ID cards via email.
He said there were other agreements under the White Arms.

But in September 2016, employers were forced to notify Netfire Meads that buyers had closed them.
Silk Road and its new manufacturer, Humboldt Farm, are product manufacturers.

On the internet, Reddit claims to be the owner of Humboldt Farms
The guy behind PierfireMids laughs too. So the police ordered eight
A hash gram to find out who the buyer is.

But business people do just that
Beware. Wrong refund address.
Packages are carefully sent by post.

It took several months to greet the postman.
The familiar sticker on the same packaging verifies the camera’s security photo.
And monitor employees to find out who is collecting goods
Palma and Martinson also confirmed their relationship.
PureFireMeds and HumboldtFarms are mentioned in the complaint.

He appears to be working on the Northridge Marijuana Tower.
A source from the Ministry of Water and Energy told the researchers.
This building uses almost twice as much energy as Costco.
After his objection, Faber smoked marijuana
Other companies share money with employees.

Most of the defendants were her friends.
Or your friends on Facebook and Instagram.
Korafi reports that some people bought data to exchange messages.
It is used to convey other people’s messages and to create attachments.
Networks using landline and telephone data.

If he is guilty,
They can face up to 45 years and up to $ 5 million. Fiber and lime
You can face up to 20 years in an economic prison
The lawyer informed the judge.

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