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Well-known dealer Alphabet Falls Courvoisier provided 923k police officers to Btc

A swindler in Kent, England, paid millions to Syria after a lengthy police investigation.

Grant West, 27, of Ashcroft Caravan Park, paid a lot of money to his company
People from all over the world since 2015. They sell their financial information and store Bitcoin in various accounts.

Grant West, Courvoisier Alphabay Fulz Vendor [Garb
The pseudonym Courvoisier, the use of the word Courvoisier in the West, and other scams
More than 100 companies. Bitcoin is sold and the return is returned
Victims are handled by the City Police (NP)

On May 25, West was sentenced to eight years in prison.
He was arrested in September 2017 and charged.
The search command was issued today at 922,978.14 i
The West is fighting now.

A Long Investigation of Cyber Crime Metz
A group of activists called Operation Draba found him guilty of the crime.
The group focuses on business in London.

Between July and December 2015, Westerners made false representations.
Advice provided by Food Services. That’s fine
To collect financial data, however, it cost 200,000 companies.

Investigators have found evidence that the Internet has robbed 17 companies, including the West.
Senseburis, Amrut, Groupan,, Ledbrooks, Coral Bat, Uber, Survival, Fiva Hospital Group Partnership 2017, Asda, UK.
Companies from the mind, PowerSurfers, Real Experience Ltd., T-Mobile, MR Porter, Bitcoin Exchange Finland and Argos.

Police found an SD card worth about $ 78 million
Username and password, plus costs and fees 63,000
Card contents. She uses the laptop, of course her friend, to introduce herself
100,000 people wrote a paper called Fulz.

Identify the debt owed to the West Coast Security Agency
,000 25,000 for each pound of pharmacy
The West has begun its activities on the dark web. He made a lot of money selling his studies
An instruction from other internet scammers

He believes that two incidents of fraudulent conspiracy, two incidents of false property, an unauthorized change.
and information about the data, the purpose of improving the B vaccine, the availability of the B vaccine, the delivery test, and
A controlled substance that provides Class B and provides for the disposal / removal of criminal material.

Researcher Kirsty Goldsmith, lead
Police Labor Insurance Crime Unit (MPS), MPS
decided to see the people doing it
The crime, along with its website, was uncovered, exposed and handed over to the dark Internet
Her actions were stopped.

I want to thank our MPS friends
public and private institutions assist
The study is more complex and lengthy. I’m proud
My team brought this culprit to justice and we made sure we caught him
see this method.

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