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Web gods (full fraud card)

darknet Web gods (full fraud card)
Darknet Web gods (full fraud card)

Millions of images are sold online and more than 10,000 drugs are sold online.

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The place is dark
Will Johnson: He’s been working perfectly with AARP this week.

People are there for a reason.

I steal from people I know, people I’ve never met or loved. I was a bad person then.

Johnson: Welcome to this week’s episode of the AARP The Scam Perfect podcast. I love Johnson, I’m here
My friend Frank Abganella is a cheating ambassador. Frank, how are you
Frank Abgnella: I’m glad I’m back, thank you.

Will Johnson: Frank, I think he can ‘catch me if you can’. Be a tie. Have you ever thought about it?
Is it normal or just me?

Frank Abganella: I’ve never thought of it before

Johnson: You can do that in your 40 years of life.

Frank Abagniel: For

Johnson: Okay? I do not know who is involved. But I think Leo will be back. Leonardo DiCaprio
Our podcast is about DJing, so we want to use it on unclear websites. The Internet is compatible with the crime web.
Biologists and objects, drugs, weapons, security numbers, you call fake ARP experts. Now for the dogleg.
The journey will be dark and you will see it.

Why Schedule: Web design started in the early 1990’s and was designed for the US Navy. It is expensive
See Free Signing of a Free Consultation with Global Marks. So they created this concept.
This thing is called the T-OR-RTOR size. You need to visit the dark web site. But the first culprit started
So if there is an agreement on this kind of technology, wait, can we contact others? Let’s try it
That’s really good. This allows us to sell more. Eighty percent of black Internet crime is good.
The marketplace is geared towards people and includes a variety of promotions that can be purchased online for digital marketing
and sales.
The result. This is your AID and I wish you the best. What is digital marketing? Your Social Security Products
Personal number

Johnson is: connecting the Dark Web, how it started, how it works, how it got there.
Now let’s get to the source, Brett Johnson. Most of the products are considered the creators of the Dark Web. Nowadays
Fred’s life has changed. Apply his advice to the FBI, intelligence, and good advice
Non-profit organizations and web users.

I sat down with Brett and talked for 90 minutes or more, and after the conversation I said it was a skill.
Many aspects of the show have been deceived. But Brett is a wonderful story and it helps us get out of it
Think cyber criminals.

Music section

Johnson: The Secret Service would call you online like the father of the original car, right?

Brett Johnson: Okay. I’m not an expert in his name, but he is.

Quinn Johnson: In general, black leaves know a lot about what people know.

Brett Johnson: More information about Black Internet and the Internet than anyone else. People can be
It’s still closed, you know more than you know.

Wilson Johnson: Follow them eventually. The reason is because you have opened one of the first websites
Buy, what if you call it that?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I know

Willie Johnson is illegal and bad.

Brett Johnson: Well, I formed the first group of cybercriminals. It’s called Shadow Entitlement
One condition is the construction of Dark Net market and the creation of modern channels for cybercrime.

Wilson John: Brett Johnson grew up in eastern Kentucky. He described his mother as the captain of the fraud
Where did you go when you stole 100,000 bulldozers and fell on everyone?
Complain to the owner

Brett Johnson: It was hard, no.
Grandmother. He was neglected. My sister and I are gone for a few days. Now he has left my father
I wasnt, but I was there, my 10-year-old sister. 9. My mom had a few days I didnt eat at home. and me
The mother is always afraid to come back. You know you hold me, watch out, look out the window and get out
Im always worried and wondering if it will work out on the road. Dennis, the young man of the year
9 There was always the girl in distress. We are cursed for this. That happened a couple of days ago. Dennis came one day
Where did the potato and country women get this package from? And they stole it. I know
Hmmm, tell me how

Will Johnson: Brett said he started his criminal life when he was ten years old. Brett, his sister and his mother
Bought yes.

Brett Johnson: I dont want anyone out of thinking; as adults, they blame my family for my decision. I know
My choice was to break the law.

Will Johnson: Someone has to say from the weather. Thank you for your voice, but I will
You cant have a big show and already eaten and worked. Yes
It was necessary.

Brett Johnson: It’s okay.

Johnson: Do you remember the first time you signed up for a computer?

Brett Johnson: My first computer was the Texas TI-994A. Oh, I’m 11 years old
Time is a very popular video game engine. First of all, first
Internet and 95 may be Internet.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that’s a good question, you’re going to connect with the East

Brett Johnson: That’s why I’m on the computer, and that’s it. I was famous

Mon of music

Will Nsonsson: One of Brett’s first tattoos was the death of a baby’s blue beard.
She loves eBay’s blue elephant for the B 1500. She made Baseburg’s best establishments by signing players and training in 1996.
How to access small satellite systems and cable boxes and buy open offers for those who are willing to pay for them. By the way,
Thanks to the world of cybercrime.

Stories like these always ask the question, of course you are a genius, you can do anything in reality.

Brett Johnson: Yeah.

Will Johnson: No time. I think you already have it, but sometimes it is too late or too easy
You can train from an early age.

Brett Johnson: Yeah, the idea would help, but I have a non-father figure. Come, I watch
Think of your mothers sin. I think there is someone who wants my mom to love her, so I see it all.
He took the woman to ask him if he was home, but he went away. My head begs me not to hurt my sister,
He had to, but he quit. I try not to lose my love. You make a pet by mixing it together
When I was old. I dont want people to leave me. I don’t want to lose anyone who bothers me,
I reached a point where I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to go to work. Once
I wanted to make sure I was there. You are a man, a slave and a symbol
This makes it. Yeah, I go where I think I can, and yes, I can like people and try to prove myself. Once
Always tell me.

Johnson: He can live up to any debt he owes or can’t.

Brett Jones Onson. This did not happen at first. I didn’t make the mistake of sitting
Just think, there is a difference in what happens when you commit a crime on the internet so you dont see it.
Trouble with the dead. Just look at the internet information, don’t connect to anyone, etc.
It helps me break into the law further, thats all.

Is this Johnson’s son? When does the dark web begin? You start in one of the online stores. I fly

Brett Jones for Nason. No, no, not completely.

Is this Johnson? Was it a “dark net”?

And then it became a business, and now – the economy itself, no. So I’m 90, I’m 96 years old
You sell satellite maps, right? It was now 97 years before I decided to get paid
I need a fake ID. So I don’t know where to get fake IDs, so what I’m doing online and I think I got it.
Someone brought my ID, I sent him my picture, I sent him $ 200, and he came to see me. you agreed I was angry. I was very upset.
I started looking for someone to give me my ID. I could not find him. The closest I got to the site
Comfortable library, they only sell on the upper floor. That’s all. But they have a forum there, no
Someone uses it, so I go to the organization and just make complaints every day
This is an incorrect provider. So while I was there, two more women introduced themselves. One of them was Belleboro, Hus
The majority of the victories came from Saskatchewan, one from G. X in Los Angeles.

Johnson: Is your last name happy?

Brett Johnson: My name was at that time Gollum Fun.

Johnson: Did you see that? Are you a “Lord of the Wheel” fan?

Brett Johnson: Yes, The Lord of the Rings. Yes I am. So I understand, although I complain to Beelzebub, yes
Discuss how to create an ID. One day he sent me a message on ICQ, it was a messenger job and like Gollum said:
I can create an ID. I love it, dont I? I loved it, yes, and it was so beautiful for me, so you created it for me and sent it to
me. She loved it
You see, I can do it for free, but dont say no. He pays you $ 200. I will say
if you want to participate in this successful business because you trust people. Thats right for me, I want to
You know what its like, because those people who run websites are friends. I like it, Ill tell you
I will send you $ 200 so you can start working on this forum. So I sent him $ 200, I sent him two pictures
Weeksend week, two weeks later, I got an Indiana acquaintance with Steven Schweck. That Beelzebub did him
He wanted to sell his identities, he stopped at that idea, I wanted to do it with every product or evaluator.
platform functions. Ive recently been dating friends who own a website and ask them:
Can I see the forum? They arent like that, yes, if you have any of them. So I took the scene, Beelzebub wanted to comment on
the product and says he understands how one does it. You can ask, you can see
Everything happens and you can learn it. I wish it was a good idea. Let’s do it. When I started,
We, your mouth, have no other site on the face of the earth.

Johnson: I’ll ask you. that’s what I thought

Brett Johnson: This is the first place and they are, inside and out.

Oh Johnson: Did you look at the product?

Brett Johnson: Check out his bat.

Will Nsonson: People are posting on the internet.

Brett Johnson: That’s why someone got a fake ID, I asked them to send me a fake ID.

nsonson: and is everything wrong or bad or legitimate?

Brett Johnson: How does legal affairs work?

Johnson will be there: look at that shirt or

Brett Johnson: Ah, no, no, no.

Johnson is going to be there: or I have a sale.

Brett Johnson: No, it was all a crime. In other words, if a person cheats, if he has something
Check, send me checks sold in the forums. This is similar to getting fake certificates or credit cards
Or something like that.

Music beds

Will Johnson: Finally, Brett collaborated with a group of Ukrainians who run a site called Carder Planet. Conclusion
Credit card numbers and Brett knew how to pay them.

Brett Johnson: So this is our partner, we gave up and from there we went into the shadows and
The shadow team is the ancestor of the Darknet Market today.

nsonson: Brett has continued the site for three years and added 4,000 members.

Brett Johnson: A member who knows what he gets gets 30 million to 40 million a month from stolen debt.
Map. Buy and accept products.

Will Sanson: He finally learned how to encode magnetic tapes with fake credit cards.
Get cash at ATMs. It brings a lot of money.

Brett Johnson: We’re starting to steal 30,000 to 40,000 a month.

Johnson can say: You make a lot of money from ATMs, right?

Brett Johnson: That’s right

Johnson: Are you with other people?

Brett Johnson: Yes .. Using virtual cards allows you to keep your ATM hidden.

Will Johnson: But about 2001. Brett noticed that police were patrolling the scene.

Brett Johnson: Then I started going out, and I’m a man, I think you might call him that,
Suppose I thought it was SOB or tax evasion.

Will Johnson: It’s a familiar voice.

Brett Johnson: Familiar Sounds. So if you see it today, people will teach you your confessions.
A skilled thief. I’m the guy who started it. Hmmm, so I started in 2003. And so on
2003. I. I stole 160,000 in a week.

Or Johnson: That’s what you did.

Brett Johnson: Do it

Johnson: And you’re crazy?

Brett Johnson: Well, I’m crazy. I was afraid of 30 years in prison, so I quit smoking

Johnson: Now you’re scared. Did you make a lot of money?

Brett Johnson: I didn’t do anything, I stole a lot of money. And along with prepayment tax revenue
I gained 30 to 30,000,000 a month in cardiac surgery. Thus, he omitted income tax fraud. Incorrect taxable income
I worked 160,000 a week, 10 months a year.

Johnson: And you put all your money under your thumb?

Brett Johnson: I put all the money in the bag for the first time. He is one of the children seen in sports bag jeans
More than 150,000,000 common lessons will be needed in 20 years. I know he is there.
Well, you will need to file a tax return within six minutes of your identity status, reminding you to return from Sunday to
8 hours on Wednesday, 200 tax returns per week, of which 200, 80% subsidized. On Thursday, the ID will go to the station
At the ATM, once an hour, on Friday or Saturday morning. I started downloading ATMs and
And this weekend I can’t walk 30 cm from the ATM. Back on Sunday; Start. Until the money arrives
I had a bag at the beginning and found out that I had a store in Charleston, South Carolina.
Put it blank and find this room full of backpacks and 150,000 personal items.

The song continues

Wilson nsonsson: Let me ask you, when those ATM tours suddenly come out or not,
Over time, with additional credit card numbers, cannabis and drugs?

Bertie Nsonson: I have three principles for Credit Crowe. And these rules are wrong
There is no money, no development, no child pornography. And for us, we do not tolerate child pornography. They started making
drugs or cannons
In the latter case, because we are people working on HP, it is Galaxy or Britta. Yes, I work in industry. And alone
These weapons have the ability to produce a series of three non-serial numbers and went on sale in 2000.
When you start feeding. Medication: What happens in my second case, you are always on medication. Then break
In the years of Chevy Crow, it was hit by the first sale of Essex. Then we have people who can handle 40,000 bullets
Components. As smart as they were, we sold potatoes, marijuana and polluted water, oxygen.

Willie Nonson: On October 26, 2004, the United States Security Service arrested 33 people in 10 hours. Brett was
The bus fled. But not much In 2005, the law succeeded.

Bret Joh Onson. What happened when I was in Charleston, South Carolina?
Delivery, money in exchange for a COD order. I met the driver at the drop-down address, told him, told him the name, I told him
Keep the pack to yourself. Give me the package. I give him a coupon. I think there were 23,000 of them. I came
The FBI and Charleston, the South Carolina Police Department saw me with a gun.

Part of the music

Will there be Onson. At Christmas in Brittany, he was appointed by the secret service. They agreed with him. A
The good guys will tell you about the inner workings of the dark network in a few months.

Brett Joh Onson. I left that night, I was 30 and I gave up as soon as the Secret Service left me, I left.
Leave your hotel room, go to Walmart and buy a prepaid debit card to start tax fraud again. I found out
10 months of secret service and during those 10 months you break the law every day.

Music words

Johnson: Again, Brett was tried, but he broke the law. In Vegas,
He would then visit Disney World Orlando almost every day. He was arrested but shot again
He was sentenced to months in prison.

Brett Johnson: White criminals send people first if they don’t have a criminal history.
Send someone like me to a federal camp, and under that protection you can now work out of prison.
All that. I have a job outside the home and work six weeks, so I preach one day. I do a few
My friends took the money, the telephone and the certificate. About 300 miles.
However, the U.S. The Army turned to this area, and I think some Ukrainians know it costs more.
They never do that. However, I was arrested and this time I was sent to Texas.

Johnson: You did everything?

Brett Johnson: Oh, you see me. I straighten my hair with this O, I have this big red one
Next. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve never said that before.

Johnson: But you got it.

Brett Johnson: Yeah. They work.

Johnson: And Bretz goes back to jail and his father is humiliated, you probably remember him later in his life.

Brett Johnson: My dad came to me, I ended up in the same commercial prison. If there is a prison in the area
10 minutes by car. And you asked me if I could do something for you? And I was how you could talk and talk to me
for this. My name was Dennis, and there’s Dennis, I was in Kentucky, and Dennis was in North Carolina for 7 hours, and we talked
about it.
He and Dennis, he thought when I was in the car and they took me for 7 hours, when he saw me for 10 minutes, he said he loved me.
Also ah
They actually sent me, I spent 8 months in jail and they sent me to prison in Texas, and I didn’t see it.
Again in five years. It took me two years to find out if this is so.
Prison and no, not because I helped anyone else, because I decided to break the law.

Johnson: Will the soul come out alone?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, you usually go to see visitors because the prison is so paved.
Do something if you do not have extreme violence, but think about it. Go where you are
You accept and do what you do, or you get offended and blame the other. And I’m lucky, oh go
I did what I accepted. So it’s not my fault, I left in 2011 and I have no feelings of breaking the law. But when you were
From prison, yes, you were released with the same equipment. So I’ve been here for three years, I can’t stay
Pc. So all I can do is get team numbers and I like it. I made $ 400
I did it this week, stay tuned. I was in a beautiful warm garden.


Will Johnson: At this point, Brett meets and marries Mitchell, but goes back to work.

Brett Johnson: Michelle only works. It only brought money. I love you
everything. I have to do something. I want it to work. So I connected to the Internet, bought a stolen ticket and went to work
I ordered and bought food and went back for 10 months. Michelle was standing next to me. Yes (whisper)
I’m sorry, unfortunately he didn’t ask that question, he didn’t doubt he was yet.

Will Johnson: There is something extraordinary about prison height, which is a sign that honesty is more important.
Unknown like Michelle, they never got rid of it. Are you ready to do the right thing.

Brett Johnson: So I’m on LinkedIn now. You know, it’s one of the worlds in which most people participate
Criminal proceedings began with a record when I committed the current Pittsburgh crime. I said to her
Connected. I love, oh, I respect everything you do. I think you did a fantastic job, I respect you and those people very much
But I want to work on the law. Even a man believed me.

Johnson: Britt gets what she needs for a fresh start. The police started talking to the police,
Keep the company up and tell them everything they know about the dark web. Your current situation; Ensure the privacy of small
Internet communities
It contributed to the development of a new, darker network.

Brett Johnson: To be better, what years have passed since the creation of our legend.
We have over 1,000,000 participants. Last July he was there in the dark called Alpha Bay.
There are only 200,000 participants in one session.

It’s love

Its true: and when you think dating would start on the Internet, tell yourself that you know you know it
The first time I bought blue Benny Baby Beyman. Is this person different from the one we saw today?

Brett Joh Onson. No, I don’t think your type is different. Yes Al sounds like me, it seems like BT isn’t for me either
Equally I am still. I think the difference is I’m just a viewer, I understand that some people are mediators. Me
Know I will be healed in that moment. But I played, yes, I gave you a chance to meet me
Interrupt the resources of others. I was reminded, I was reminded of who I could be, who I never was
Nothing, I think if I come back again, I’m poor. I’m not saying I’m okay
Well, but I’m nice and just try it, I’m sick because I can’t use it, but the patient has a good chance.
On that basis, I think from now on I can confirm that my future decisions will affect those who do not.


Will ns Onson. I will also return to Frank Abaginal, Ambassador of the Akv Fraud Control Network. So there is a lot of
deception and deception
They won just like their common denominator – numbers and credit cards
Other than that

Frank Abagnale. I sell information, I often forget that there are two ways to make money. In the form of money
In data form, it is paid information and for the most part, it sells information on the Dark Web and sells information about it.
The Dark Web. The only thing the interviewer did was to take her to the camp
See info about it. Now, it’s very complicated.

Will Johnson: Let me ask your audience for advice on whether your credit or debit card has been stolen.
Whatever you already have, your bank account number and you are worried about it is really already on sale on the Dark web portal,
which can
We do it

Frank Abgnal: You know, my philosophy, which Ive mentioned and written many times before, was that Im not accused.
At least I only use credit cards. No debit card, only credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. daily
Throughout my life, I have literally spent money from a credit card company. I dont spend my money. My money is in the money
market account and
Take an interest. No one knows where it is because it will never work out. I came to the supermarket, I use my credit card, t.
I clean the product, I use my credit card. I’m on a plane tomorrow and I’m using my credit card. I will do that now
Anything I can do to protect my number, but if tomorrow someone gets my number and gets 1 million credits on credit
In short, under federal law, my responsibility is nothing. Yes, of course I know what a credit card is called.
My credit score increases, as does my credit score. If you use a debit card and use a debit card, we will issue you once
They stole money from your bank account. And you can use this debit card 10 more times for the next 20 years
One day, your credit score will not increase by an inch. He’s bald. So I only use one credit card. If I buy
Some online and do not offer, I’m sure. If I make an online purchase that doesnt work, it will be returned to me.
Find out if the link and page are completely fake, find something and never wait. That’s what I always say
Logo, I’m not afraid that my credit card is on the Dark web portal, because it’s true that I have no responsibility for the card,
Until I notified my credit card within 30 days of receipt.
I am not responsible for the cards in my statement.

Johnson: What about the money? Are you paid?

Frank Abgnal: I just asked my bank what we call an ATM. I don’t like the Visa, MasterCard logo. good
I’m not in debt.


Frank Abniel: Really.

Wilson Johnson: I think for the first time

Frank Enell: And they still do. So, I only open a credit card for ATMs.


Frank Abagnal: That’s right. Honestly, I come back when I travel
I want to make money on foreign cars and I cant use my Visa or MasterCard. He paid me, but he paid me
Expensive insurance companies cant get into my bank account, they just have a Visa account.

Johnson: So the one who knows your words and suggestions is Jen Baum who works on our Facebook
Facebook, the scam page and how they have changed the time to buy and how to make money
To attract. So he was very careful, but as you say, he is with us today.


Johnson: Thanks for coming.

Jen Beam: Hi, thanks for inviting me.

Johnson: What are we going to do with you? That’s what Jen Beam said.

Jen Beam: Yes, that is all.

Johnson: Jenny’s scandal.

Jane Beam: Well, I don’t believe it. I create a Facebook page for social media and I search every day
I was disappointed

Johnson: It happens everywhere, everywhere. I wondered what this was all about

Jane Beam: Well, I was doing this because I was trying to hurt, and I was checking my credit card.
I constantly submit invoices, I get and cancel, I think I’m fine
In the morning, I checked my credit card information and looked at credit card and transfer payments every two months.
Two swords 19.95 and I turned red. I’m fed up with thinking of Trans Union
They gave me twice as much care without any doubt.
I was cautious and didn’t even think about it. All I did was add 800 to me
Credit Card Alert Payment . I was there looking at my personal profile of a beautiful woman on the phone.
I sound right, I’m like OHH, I dropped the phone and hit the credit card quickly.
My first business was built.

Johnson: Jane Bamm goes to Jens Fraud Watch and Facebook page. Can people find out more?

Jane Byam: Follow me on

Ake Johnson: Yeah, that’s good. Thanks to Frank Abaneil, my partner, for the risk reduction consulting firm.

Frank Abagnal: Mercury is kind of here. Thanks for following me.

Willie Johnson: More info and tips on how to protect yourself and your family from harm
For a fake, AARP fraud network, visit Thanks to our dedicated computer team, Julie Gaze, Brooke
Expert lighting designed by Ales, recording engineers Steve Bartlett and Julio Gonzales. Johnson for the entire AARP Scola.

The first story we saw in Arap

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