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Washington Washington hospital is attacked by ransomware

The hospital began reporting both patients and staff
One of the incidents on the network was the redemption agreement and the other was the criminal record.
In June.

Greraharka National Hospital (GHCH) at Haraka Medical Center
In Abedin, Washington, the group began reporting relief supplies.
It was held on the 15th of June. Physicians are available to hospitals and patients.
Health information is hidden and money is sent to GHCH.
GCCH stated in a statement that a number of secrets were discovered.
And some are not relieved.

Information on relevant websites is collected
First Name Patient Name Birthday Social Security number and phone number
Home address and insurance and information about special documents, including blood tests
And treatment.

GHCH and HMG do not have the same basis for beliefs
Data exported without GHCH or HMG data,
Speaks at the hospital.

Naples Flachow, NCH
The operation took place on June 14 after several hospital staff members failed to commit fraud.
This gives criminals access to the payment system.
Nepoleon News
He also added that 73 emails would be canceled.

NCH officials said in a statement immediately after the application
It was discovered that the company had been hired outside the company for investigation purposes and was hired on July 2.
In fact, he viewed it as a lie.
He will attack.

The hearing concluded that the applicants had no right to lodge a complaint.
During the incident, they received information from the email account.
The NCH said it happened.

Go to the hospital and wait for the test
Fill in before publishing your details that may or may not be available
Communication. However, NCH officials currently do not agree with this information.

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