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WannaLockerveralwareware was found integrated with RAT and attack banks

Updated July 17, 2019

Researchers are warning that this is a new version of the mobile app Wanna Locker for the Wanna Cryer content.
Improves supervisory skills, remote access skills and banking skills.

Cybercriminals use bad packages
The campaign is targeting Brazilian banks and Android customers
According to the message of the [

Nicholas Crisidos, a notorious inventor who discovered the virus, reported on his account.
[There seems to be a new type of wanna locker
User interface, user interface and private banking virus. (French researcher on the security of Eileen)
The adults responded to the tweets [referring to Crisidos, the ransom auction
asSLocker, to which Crisido answered “Yes.”

We think this is the first look of this new mobile version
He says on a cabinet company blog called Crisidos. That’s all
Includes text, call records, phone numbers and credit card information.
This can be a serious problem if reported and reported.

Avast reported that the campaign’s security features were generally not related to third-party app stores.

Displays the wrong interface for BancTrojan users
Sign in to request a problem with your account.
Powered by Blogger. When done, the malware will increase its scope
Includes data, phone manufacturers and other hardware.
Information, phone books, SMS, phone numbers and photos from the past.
Front and rear cameras, contact list, GPS location and microphone audio data.

When WanaloCart was first found in 2017, it targeted Chinese users of the Android device.
Protect files on infected devices such as game forums
External storage and messaging. This version is available
Cryptographic, but still visible.
Development, said Crisidos.

Hackers respond to this and do even more when they try
Invest in past attacks by combining them with new ones
weak opposition, says La Laala, Villia LaSala
OneSpan email storage partner. Banks need to have
They are very aware of these attacks, but they are skeptical
Find new ways to connect and use. meaning
It is important that we follow our lifestyle
in the future we will do what we do.

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