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Wannacry So you think wannacry is safe?

darknet Wannacry So you think wannacry is safe?
Darknet Wannacry So you think wannacry is safe?

Updated June 18, 2019

A new version of NRS Minor was recently discovered in Asia, and NRS Minor has been distributed to address harmful products.
Or contact new systems with EternalBlue. EternalBlue is a scam stolen by arbitrators.
It opened to the public in 2017 with VannaCry and Petya participating in the business. Today, it almost doubled
Years ago, it was still used to distribute unlicensed sources of harmful systems.

Most WannaCry will be lost
It is estimated that the $ 4 billion recovery program is a waste.
The reorganization problem is usually 57% of success
This can have little effect because the systems are not accessible. I’m sorry
Organizations use different possible solutions and comply with regulations
The latest administration comes from a simple and incomplete process. .I know
It can be frustrating, frustrating and frustrating
Infinite. Sometimes there is the possibility of a successful reorganization
90-day process fulfills 80% commitment
Many of the corrections were due to minor corrections. IT teams need work
It is fast and safe. It develops small, safe and effective
Configuration strategies can help you stop installing security packages.

Despite the illness, the risk of failure is very high
Nobody cares about glory
As an IT provider. Instead, it should be a permanent life
Son. For companies that operate in general, it is impossible to ignore them
Risks. Safety, risk and management are important
Wheel for better visibility and fast performance. Logo collection
Exercise can help companies reduce efficiency
The rate of growth and rotation.

Therefore, strong organizations can be trusted
people, technology and technology to respond quickly and to emergencies
alternative to stress. Unfortunately, our search results indicate more than 80%
The CIO and CISO agree on the most significant changes due to concerns
how it can affect business performance. Around the world
cybersecurity, because WannaCry compromises cybersecurity,
organizations should make them trustworthy and trustworthy
the system deals with the special protection of special equipment, full control
an unexpected return

Here are five steps you can take to begin preparing for communication
organizations can take action here to prevent the following risks:

1. Identify your problems in the organization. Do it for yourself
computer security using one,
What do you get? If not, there is room for control
Is it possible to write?
Understand the situation
They want to know if the difference is broken or not
your network, can you tell me that? Your answer will depend on this
Your current site or information
how was last week
3. Avoid spreading
information and security solutions
the divisions were divided into many organizations formed under him
The number of equipment cannot be correct
others. Make your computer safe using these commands
Prevent guilt control actions and help them recover
in response to delays.
4. Choose a residence: a
is one of the most important sources of WannaCry information
Removing practical problems in things
future plans. If the company is doing well, do it
needs the support of the largest owner over time
one more time.
5. Train your employees: in many ways
it is estimated that up to eighty-eight percent of rescue equipment is protected by personnel
click the wrong link, open the link or access it
shipping page Create training costs for employees
protection against theft

One of the major storage features of the WannaCry or NotPetya standard is the other
In some cases, it is possible to do business permanently. What should I do?
organizations that want to maintain a safe culture are not satisfied
for a sustainable business, an integral part of IT and security teams
around information that can be used to attract attention and concentration
All computer equipment. This will help prevent this,
change and change in real time or
cyber threats

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