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Wannacry Do you think you are safe?

darknet Wannacry Do you think you are safe?
Darknet Wannacry Do you think you are safe?

July 18, 2019

Recently, a new type of NRSMiner has been discovered in Asia that will spread the virus while taking NRSMiner again.
Or switch to a new plan to use the Unlimited resource. Messages stolen by Tire Post Office,
There are a lot of guys and what WannaCree and Notepeta can do in 2017. It was two years ago today
A year later, it would still be used to distribute criminals to unplanned sites.

Only Wannacre’s threat
It is estimated that 4 billion and recovery will be mixed from start to finish.
The risk of death is confused with only 57%
It refers to lost and unmanageable situations. Oh
Some death issues and compliance are used to contact the company
The final steps have not been determined. Would be much
It is difficult and time consuming to see and know that it has never been corrected
An incomplete area. So you will win as a double winner
A company takes 90 days to complete 80%
Pure connection is the basis of many relationships. IT team needs to work hard
Fast and robust. Its effect is clear and safe
The interconnected method will help you become shorter in time to build the degree of security.

So the real problem is failure
There is less chance of testing, so it is not necessary
An IT project. However, this should be called a modification method.
Except words. Companies don’t know the amount
The problem they face. It is important to increase security, risk and performance
Increase the shape of the floor and work fast. Professional work
This approach helps the most successful and innovative organizations solve their problems
Growth and change continue.

So it is possible for a logical process
People, technology and technology make communication faster, easier and easier
other types of things. Unfortunately, our study found over 80%
The CIO and CISO have given a new look despite concerns
about its impact to the context. In the world of business
They do not feel obligated to attack WannaCry.
Organizations need to ensure that safeguards are maintained
A vision is an opportunity to do great things, with democratic consequences
came out of here again.

Here are five steps you can take to begin the process of recovery
it may take a while to avoid such attacks:

1. Find problems in your orientation. Please
Works with security and IT organizations
formatting data? If not, it is not the problem and what is needed
can it be used?
2. Know who you are
You should ask how much and how much is four hebs
Internet, can you respond well? Is your answer simple?
The nature of your community may change or change depending on your data
get in the week?
3. Release the rest
IT and IT department
The startup group started as the other teams in the group they played
It is impossible to wear different things
integration. Grow your company well
Safety products reduce the attacker’s fat and accelerate cleaning
Climb to stop suddenly.
4. Start Our Consolidation: One
The most common problem with WannaCry
it is difficult to integrate these activities into one
anti-inflammatory products. If implementation is a big deal
one must contribute to the health of television
5. Meet your staff: in groups
Indeed, nearly 83% of asylum requests come from manufacturers
click the inappropriate button, open the traffic key, or enter this page
Side note for each page. Changing employee training
Overcoming invasion will be the first line of defense.

Security features are the same on any WannaCry or NotPetya Scales
like the amount of resources that a successful business can consume. How it went
The company wants to provide a safe environment for the company
Non-profit organization is the key to successful IT security and security
around the line with data that can be used for control and maintenance
from their computers completely. Save them,
it does a bad job
Gefa Cyber.

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