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Wanakri So are you safe from Vanasri?

darknet Wanakri So are you safe from Vanasri?
Darknet Wanakri So are you safe from Vanasri?

Updated July 18, 2019

Recently, a new version of NRSMiner was released to spread the Asian virus, updating infected NRSMiner.
Or working on new systems using Eternal Blue to your advantage Eternal Blue Shadow is an opinion stolen by brokers.
The leaders are Vanakari and Notpetia who killed the roads and vandalized the company in 2017. Now there are about two
A few years later, it is still used by programs that do not predict the spread of malware.

Everything is missing from WannaCry
Its billions of dollars, and espionage is more dangerous.
More than 57% succeeded in key time challenges
Such disorders may be associated with nonspecific systems. without any
Here are some solutions and solutions for its use in the organization
Reliable management depends on complex systems and complete failures. This always happens
Searching or searching is very complicated and time consuming
Endless terms and sometimes works with a single patch
Some organizations want the term to be 90 days
The Patella net is the source of many connections. IT teams will be able to do this
With speed and courage. Short, safe and effective landing cleaner
The patches will help you reduce the time required to install security fixes.

The correction fails even if the risk increases
The small world must not agree on the costs of exercising these rights
As an IT department. However, this should be considered a modified method
Against all odds. Entrepreneurs cannot ignore the potential
Danger. The balance between safety, risk and operation is important
Increase equipment productivity and speed. Agglutination is
Techniques to help mature and skilled businesses
Development and continuous change.

That is why meetings are so reliable
people, systems and technologies to quickly adapt to cyber attacks, and closures
other types of problems. Unfortunately, research shows that more than 80%
CIOs and CISOs agree that it is important to be aware of information
Potential impact on business. Give them the whole world
storage is not as good as WannaCry.
Teachers need to make sure they stay safe and sound
A good idea to protect the properties of partnerships, impact assessments and
You are living with a temporary illness.

Here are five steps you can take to begin the journey
then steps can be taken to prevent the following attacks:

1. See order orders. For you
security and IT teams working together,
Data area In the dispute area how to resolve
Je! Do these people need to be careful?
Know your location
You will be asked how many lazy repetitive items were used or handmade
Je! Can you answer correctly your website? Your answer is as follows
Your current location or information about you
did you sleep last week
3. Delete the sentence
Identify configuration and priority data
He made several teams, he said
in the use of the impossible form
Combine. Make your organization safer by working together
security management to minimize damage and speed up
Immediate action to stop the attack.
4. Damage to your equipment: One
One of the topics mentioned during the WannaCry event was
The challenge is to improve performance in waste areas
phone if the company is working, is very important
requires the maintenance of old systems and the necessary support, if necessary
5. Train your staff: for more information
It is estimated that 83 percent of pumping attacks occur during use
Click on the wrong link, open a bug entry or visit
website. Save money to promote staff training
Protection from fraud should be the first line of defense.

The most annoying thing in WannaCry or NotPetya is the same
many things that can ruin a business. eng
How do you want to build a strong and supportive culture
So important IT jobs and security services are important
we are surrounded by good data based on good looks and control
on all computers. This helps to protect,
Change and respond quickly to network interruptions or
cyber threats

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