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Wanacry So you think you are safe from Wanacry?

darknet Wanacry So you think you are safe from Wanacry?
Darknet Wanacry So you think you are safe from Wanacry?

Updated July 1, 201

Recently, a new version of NRS Minor is spreading malicious software in Asia and updating existing small NRS transitions.
Or use Etern Blue to distribute the new system. Ethyl Blanc pirates from Chevy brokers.
Publicly posted, he is responsible for the explosion that affected Wana Kerry and Notepad in 2019ana.
Even years later, it is still used to run malware on systems that fail to patch.

A complete loss by Wana Kerry
Estimated to be 4 billion, Renover is a big threat.
Many patch challenges account for 57% or more success
Fatigue may be partly due to system popping. Unfortunately,
Organizations have used solutions to some of the current threats and practices
The bottom line is that management depends on a slow and incomplete hereditary structure. It’s mostly
This makes forecasting and localization difficult and time consuming.
End of contradictions. And patch patch compliance
Some organizations have to maintain up to 0% for 90 days
Many goals can fall when they appear. The IT team has to work
With speed and confidence. Use low, safe and effective touch
This screw-on strategy helps reduce the time it takes to install the safety piece.

Pitch increases the risk of failure,
Failure should not be considered an accurate diagnosis
It works every day. Instead, it should be seen as a means of maintaining flexibility
Against interference. Courses There is no opportunity to ignore the curriculum
They are dangerous. Safety, risk and coordination of operations are important
A team that improves visibility and works faster. Join the team
This process also helps business people to be careful and efficient.
Sustainable development and change.

That is why an organization feels so strong
People, techniques and technologies are well-versed in cyber attacks, intrusions and speed
Other types of anxiety. Unfortunately, our research shows that their number is over 80%
The CIO and CISO have confirmed that they have undergone major security changes
Business information. Anywhere
Cyber attacks like WannaCry are caused by security breaches.
Organizations need to rely on their accuracy
It is very important to protect the property, to monitor the impact and to look beautiful in real time
Sudden rehabilitation.

Here are five steps you can take to begin the journey
Organizations can now avoid:

1. Highlight group barriers. They are yours
Security and intelligence teams work together
Can the data be collected? If not, where is the controversy and how will it end?
Does it melt?
2. Get to know your site better
They ask you how many points you gave to clarify or clarify another
Can you reset the network properly? Does your answer make sense?
Depends on how things stand here or how things stand
Did you choose last week?
3. Delete the item
Resolve business and information disputes
The groups released a number of organizations. B.
It is impossible to use different tools
The end result is additional protection for the organization
Reduce the risk of security breaches and take immediate action
Quick response to stop the attack.
4. Remove construction: one
WannaCry is one of the most frequently asked questions at the event
The challenge is to organize the production process in place
Old applications. If the company does the required work
Old habits that require lifelong support
Think again.
5. Personnel training: in different ways
Votes: Up to 83% of all occupational hazards
Clicking on the wrong link will open the victim’s form or file
The site provides funding for additional staff training
Your defense should be on your first line of defense.

One of the key security features is the standard configuration of WannaCry or NotPetya
Here are some applications you can use. type of
Agencies are trying to create a strong security environment with Khan support
Business meetings, information technology and security systems are very important
Almost a database capable of providing real visibility and optimization
With all computer equipment. It helps protect them
Minimize all technical errors and respond in real time or
Cyber threats.

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