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Violation of Contractor L.A. losing patient data due to breaches of contractual services

Updated for July 17, 2019

Data breaches at the Los Angeles County Department of Health
The agreement led to a consensus of data with 14,591 patients.

Nemadji is a company that provides rights and benefits to patients
The health service has found a violation of your information
March 28, 2019 The employee was declared a victim of fraud

2019 June 5 We explained the first example of an employee
Accident data
And Nemaji began to warn about the accident for his health
Nemaji’s business partner said in a statement:

Reference, Receive / Release Date, Application Number, Support Group
Birthday, social security number, identification number, company name,
Group number, insurance information, registration number, etc.
Contact information Medicaid / Medicare / other patient account numbers
Identification number and registration name

Money was saved, officials said in an email account.
It has a secret code that keeps patients busy.
Therefore Nemadji has developed a support system
Login and receive free credits.
Safety features

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