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Two American soldiers were bought from a dark place to sell drugs

Two American soldiers have been arrested for trying to rape a young woman who saved Mirgaaga from crime.
A few days later. After inspecting the shirts of a New York service officer, law enforcement officers found 55 doses of LSD and
various medications.
Radish capsules.

According to the complaint, expert Lagaria Slater provided confidential information about cocaine and LSD.
The author told reporters that he used the drug from the drug network for personal use.

An important driver agreed to cooperate with the law after being convicted of drug trafficking
The general amnesty was abused in response, the murder is unknown, information is given and then phone records are given.
Drag the monster.

On August 31, 2018, he entered a Manhattan nightclub, reported murder and secrecy, and was linked to the first private school,
He was also known for Fort Drum in New York. The next day, Hall said he took 57 capsules without killing Molly.

It is believed that the victim tried to treat Howell and took a large amount at the Power Festival. It’s over
Two days later in Manhattan Hospital.

After the ceremony, Slater continued to distribute Molly and LSD and arrested informants for selling drugs at home.
From the base. According to the claim, Howell received some signs of happiness from Metzler
Pharmacist. Howell told the informant that the victim had died using several people
Beautiful, but not too wet.

In October 2018, Slater spoke with Howell about the deadly drugs that kill young women. IN
Following the response, Torres said the informants deleted all text messages related to the phone.

On April 24, when the police department searched the clean barracks in Fort Drum, 55 boxes of LSD and ten capsules were found.
Molly mushrooms, psilocybin and packaging materials. Sending a message to a soldier by mobile killer
It offers the sale of hundreds of Molly capsules to other members of the support service.

Lazaria is suspected of taking dangerous drugs in Slater and Tanner Hole and killing young listeners.
After taking radishes and other medicines, US attorney Jeffrey Berman consulted Dr. Unfortunately, this is not the first time in
my office
He died from participating in the zoo festival.

Distribute packages and distributions at Molly and LSD Slater on Tuesday
Molly has to give up. In both cases, the maximum education is 20 years

Molly is accused of occupying most of the distribution and intends to split it into the proposed hole.
20 years in prison.

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