Tutorial: XMPP/Jabber OTR Over Tor

First you will want to download an XMPP client called Pidgin. Here you can download it. After downloading, proceed to complete the installation. We recommend you follow our simple jabber instructions to get started quickly.

After installation, run your Pidgin. We will be offered two different Windows. First, we ‘ll take software that will allow us to communicate safely. It is called OTR, which means Off-the-Record messaging, and can be downloaded here.

Download and install it. Make sure Pidgin is closed from the screen and taskbar before installing OTR.

Well. OTR and Pidgin are fully installed! The first thing we need to do is make the OTR plugin active in Pidgin. To do this, open Pidgin, go to the Tools drop-down, select Plugins, and select the check box next to Off-the-Record Messaging.

Once we ‘re done with this, we can enter our XMPP account information and start our first conversation. If you need a list of free XMPP service providers, you can get it here. Sign up and log in with pidgin.

Let ‘s move on to the next step. We will install Tor as a SOCKS5 proxy, so not only are messages encrypted with OTR, but traffic is encrypted with Tor. To do this, click the Proxy tab and set the appropriate Host and Port options. Verify that the Tor is also running or receive an error report.

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Secure instant messaging jabber/xmpp tutorial with otr

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