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Trump has passed a law to help postal services stop drug trafficking

darknet Trump has passed a law to help postal services stop drug trafficking
Darknet Trump has passed a law to help postal services stop drug trafficking

To end America’s opium poverty, President Trump has passed a law ending all violence.
Voice of America Services for Drug Victims, Smugglers and Smugglers
The law does not use USB. Legislation is needed to include verified electronic data (FDA) content of the global package
Also the name of the sender and the address of the recipient in AWP, published in the USA. When you sign the law
Trump: Access to resources to prevent high-risk killings
From another country in the USA

[Translators do not translate at the same time
Free [reported by law
Congressman Mike A. Bishop believes the law does not apply to fast webmasters.
Therefore, USAAPS can help reduce drug-related deaths. Senator Amy Culboker
According to him, the new law provides certain ways to prevent officials from entering the country.
By mail to the USA.

Under the new law, the USPS will send DNA to collect all national envelopes by 2021.
Only 40% of income comes from customs and border protection,
70% of the data will be collected by the end of this year. If the commission allows you, you will be fined
RIA foreign program until 2021.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reached an agreement with foreign countries on a law requiring the issuance of ARD.
Prior to shipment, the ADF used it as a testing tool for illicit drugs.
CPP and mail service. Failure to comply with the AEPR will force the United States to suspend imports
He believes

The law requires USSR and bullpen officials to work with other law enforcement agencies.
Email technology about smuggling in the United States. Managers have a role to play.
NGOs that can help you better understand the development of clinical research technology. It helps everyone
CPP and USPS are charged 1 per package.

The law was passed a few days after the LUDS Inspector General issued an audit report, which was explained in detail.
How USPS promotes the spread of illicit drugs. According to the report, 92% of dark network providers say that
Their shipping uses USPS because it is weak. The report mentions the use of an illegal drug network
Truck users involved in the use of the postal service made this discovery difficult. Displays messages:
Allied countries’ NPP growth increased from April 2017 to January 2018
Take the package.

When international parcels arrive at the airport, they usually deliver to the international postal service
Centers (ISCs) where CBP agents exercise their right to open and monitor packages. You have reasons to believe that there are
packages in the package
Illegal goods. After the CBP assessment process is completed, all suspicious packages are sent by email. E-mail address:
The service USPS offers to CBSP facilitates package editing for AED agencies.
Illegal drugs Because the agent works with reliable information, there is no doubt about it.

A USPS spokesperson approved the bill, saying it was part of the AED collection.
Kaduna Dave Parthenheimer, who spoke on behalf of the USPS after Congress passed the law, the agency said
They do their best to ensure the postal system: at the same time provide quality services.

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