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Trump has passed a law that will help the postal service stop selling drugs

darknet Trump has passed a law that will help the postal service stop selling drugs
Darknet Trump has passed a law that will help the postal service stop selling drugs

In an effort to address the opioid crisis in America, President Trump signed a proposal designed to fill gaps in the law.
Let the U.S. Postal Service sending drug addicts, dealers, and drug manufacturers to the state.
The USPS is required by law to purchase the contents of international packages before electronic data is transmitted (within AEDs)
before being taken into account.
The AED handed over to the United States contains the names and addresses of those who commanded and received them. If the work is
written by law
Trump said he provides physiotherapy and financial support to protect medical marijuana
Since its publication in the United States.

Industrial products
Overdose Protection (STOP) [previous law
Rep. Mike Bishop believes the law prevents website sellers from exploiting vulnerable situations.
USPS. As a result, it helps reduce the use of synthetic drugs such as fentanyl. To Senator Ami Kloppukhar
It’s a legal partner – a new law that will give more agencies more resources to stop drug misuse.
USA by mail.

The new law requires SADPS to collect AEDs from the arrival of the international parcel in 2021 after the delivery of the AED.
Border stability and protection. As the Agency carries only 40% of all eligible units in the AED, this should be the case
At the end of the current year, you can collect 70% of the data. The Agency authorizes you to provide access to it
International plan without a hassle for 2021
The law provides evidence that the Foreign Service has already entered into agreements with foreign countries requiring AED food
from all incomers.
Packed before loading. The AED is used to receive packages containing illegal drugs
Fixed services and aviation security and postal services. The lack of an AED is forcing the US to ban access to non-professional
government packages

The law also requires USPS and CBP to cooperate with representatives of other agencies in the organization
Technology used to detect illegal drug entry by mail. Offices are needed to connect
Private companies help to better understand the precise development of technology solutions. Everyone welcome!
The services offered by CBP and USPS are compatible with all international packages for the price of one dollar.

The order comes just days after the US Prime Minister’s search was announced
How USPS can help distribute drugs. According to the report, 92% of Internet shoppers are black
Carriers have mentioned using USPS because it is already in use. The report said that black networks used drugs
Relatives and drug users, as well as stand-up services, are difficult to identify. The report shows
The number of AEDs available to customers will increase between April 2017 and January 2018
Hold the basket.

International sources are often exported through airports and transmitted to international services.
The House (ISC), used by CBP members to open and test their wallets.
Unlicensed goods will be shipped with counter-questions after the completion of the CBP order
Communication. The presence of the AED provided by the USPS in the CBP will facilitate the intervention and corrective action
Remedies because the client is working on valid and inaccurate data.

A USPS spokesperson said he supports the law and said it is a critical step
As a substitute. Speaking to USPS, Dave Parthenheimer after Congress rejected the bill, announced it was done.
We do our best to maintain the postal system and at the same time give them a good job.

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