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This revealed the defendant’s power in Germany’s largest pharmaceutical market

These and more are on the list, not cocaine, ecstasy tablets or the largest supermarket in Germany. Many things happen
Email the police to find a staff bus.

Researchers have ordered drugs on the market 17 times: 10 grams of cannabis and 25 tablets of 100 euros
In the range of 10.112.50 to 50 grams of Colombian cocaine is 10,301. Trial purchase rates are very high
Investigators say an internal document of the Police Station.

Thousands of pages show the extraordinary steps investigators must take to catch the biggest drug smuggler in Germany
In the name of the chemical revolution, a group of cyber criminals sell a variety of drugs on the Internet
Amphetamine, cannabis and MDMA, as well as cocaine and heroin. According to investigators, the operator was found more than once
One million Euros.

Online drug traffic in promotion
It can be seen that the growth of drugs on the Internet has increased over the past year
The Federal Criminal Police (BCA) office should be informed. According to BKA, no
What stable Crown Crisis statistics contribute to this trend. But one thing is clear: for Corona,
Many drugs sell online.

Family Families
Spawaknian said the paper also played a major role in the chemical revolution. The internal email also includes a letter.
The scene shows young men and women selling clothes in front of suspected DHL packages.
The whole city. In addition, investigators read suspicions of investigations and phone calls. So this is one of the two
Participate in the chemical revolution, if any of them is in the process of salvation. Two sources said:

> Orderava, did you place the order in a letter?

> What do you say?

> I’m on Packstation now, but how do I release a package? Should I send it somewhere here?

> Yes, you must click on the data.

Home for New Kids, Kids, CV Computer
But also read Baca, the largest digital retailer for teens, critics, computer science. Many criminals still stand
Business is new and telecommunications are not a ready market. at least
At one time, the project was a problem.

All the defendants are 40 years old. The man, 27, has been charged with a psychiatric disorder
Call JAC online. According to the study, published in the Dutch drug trade.
According to researchers, entrepreneurs drug dealer sent to Germany. He said they were behind the card
There are different distributors and integrators that send or send clients.

Baca said digital pharmacy service attracts new customers to the pharmaceutical market. Current information
Imagine that the city is very strong. Generally, Darknet compares customers
Drugs are easy to use, so follow the old lady
Only buyers are interested in the train station.

No release
Documents showing the results of the investigation are now available depending on the crime: fisherman
The chemical revolution contacted a friend who helped build the store. Leave the rest to the customer. I’ll go
Those responsible for the chemical revolution were unaware at the time: the practice had been in contact with regulatory
authorities for some time.
Time Thus, the fraud provides them with contact with so-called drug users, but he is actually a secret investigator of the BKA.
Finally, in an interview with a pharmaceutical company, he wrote:

> Do you want to do business?

> Yes, I have. Rejoice, have fun?

> What are you achieving?

> Many things: knitting, speeding, LSD or heroin.

Seen in so many places
Buyers are entitled to pay $ 40,000 for a sporting event in Hamburg’s Revi car park. For what you need
Contains a dozen pounds of various alcohols. The auditors asked people. Apartment to send,
The PKA’s confidential inspector confirms: everything is fine, Tutto plate. Because it’s going to be a code game
The accused’s colleague packed it.

All members of the Chemical Revolution will be replaced in February 2019. Only business leaders will not be arrested.
According to investigators, the real name of Joko is not yet known to all his employees. General e
Encrypted PKA messaging is the biggest barrier to choosing anonymous technology
Investigation of crime in digital medicine.

The only small mistake a digital manufacturer makes is to remove it: a chemical revolution f
Posted at home seal order. Investigators are monitoring the allegations from the gym. To get rid of responsible leaders
By the group and arrested in May 2019.

He and ten others were accused of selling small items. Test days are still pending.

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