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TheFastPlug / Canna_Bars Forget the Right to Distribute Drugs on the Dark Web

Updated July 18, 2019

Sacrament meeting
Jose Robert Porus III of California, Sacramento, California, was acquitted
Here, controlled substances are legally distributed and sold
Shotgun, elected U.S. attorney McGregor W. Scott.

According to court documents, Porus committed the smuggling of marijuana
alprazolam (Xanax) uses a shopping cart on the Wall Street Market
LeFastPlug and Dream Market use a Canna_Bars account.
Websites Street Market and Dream Market are black pages
Let people sell drugs and other trifles
services. May 22, 2018 Researchers study protection sites
He acquired several factories through Porus, including the Mark A store
Revolver pistol Norinco MAK 90 shells Smith
Host Wesson .44 Search Porras found
It depends on the first hypothesis, which is the model of 2017
Why sell and produce chemicals
Other laws are armed for him.

This case is the result of a North Korean investigation
California is an important center of digital economic leadership (NCIDE).
Federal Government certainly offers network access (HSI)
American service group.
NCIDEs former commercial department is a federal subsidiary
Working Class focuses on all types of dark websites and cryptocurrencies
It operates in eastern California. US support
In this case, attorneys Grant B. Raven and Paul Hemesat are investigating.

September 2019 Scholarships to the United States. Sentence in September.
District Judge Kimberly J.M. Boras will remain in prison
The law awaits a decision and imposes a maximum of 20 penalties on pensions
10 million fines each year for imprisonment and incarceration
Drugs and imprisonment for a maximum of ten years
3,000 Poke Mon W Mon .. For a dare
However, the actual sentence is selected
The court then considered all the provisions of the law
Instructions to the federal government to review the numbers
Different things.

This publication is part of the PSN Neighborhood Security Project.
The court intends to reduce crimes of violence
try out. PSN is a proof based program
War crimes are declining. Many different partners through PSN
Together, identify the most important problems of violent crime
The company develops simple solutions for protocol addresses. And also
Part of this strategy focuses on a number of PSN implementation initiatives
Criminals and local allies rescue and return
Crime reduction programs.

The fighting was part of a well-organized and organized criminal gang
(OCDETF) The OCDETF program was established in 1982 to continue
Extensive attacks and high levels of drug trafficking and money laundering
Laundry organizations are the main function of the OCDETF program
Identify, eliminate and eliminate the most dangerous drug trafficking
And financial institutions and donors
In countries that offer drugs.

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