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The worst German pedophile, sentenced to only 13 years

Court in Germany
Two men in prison for assaulting children
Problems after the history of war.

Detmold County Court has issued a statement
The duo attacked many men and women
More than 450 children between the ages of three and fourteen were stripped naked
young man

They are 56-year-old Andrei F. 56 years old.
Mario S., aged 13 and 13, was jailed for 13 years.
He was released under German privacy law
All names

Both will be arrested
He was arrested and convicted. Words
Common sense means that both will live
Defend Life.

And second to the doubt
More than 40 children were abducted at a camp called Haiko W.
Lugde Forest in central Germany between 1998 and 2018

Andreas V. lives in a camp
The victims were a six-year-old girl.
Plaintiffs allege that he used maule to lure other children.

German police suspect Andreas V
Be the leader of a group of pedophiles who use their families
Founded in ten years of work, much time wasted on the journey
Register your children and their cases on the Education Website for money.

Officials said they would collect ten
Computers, four mobile phones, more than 40 machines and more
The 400 searchers are added again as seen by Andreas V and two
Your husband.

The problem is shocking to the public,
Mostly because the police have recently admitted that this is information
While the police are in possession, the evidence has been lost and confiscated.

Despite allegations of sexual harassment
Andreas V in 2016
Six years.

Today, the Ministry of the Interior begins an investigation into how Andreas V was allowed to be a mother.

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