The Tor Browser is finally officially available on Android

The latest version of the Tor browser is now available, including for the first time as Android. The alpha version of the browser was released as early as 2018 as an early test, but this time around users can install a stable version.

The main idea of the browser is to provide encryption and anonymity on their smartphone or tablet, as on their computer, to avoid surveillance. While some desktop features are not available, the browser offers a special focus on security. Naturally, Apple users iOS not hold their breath for the Apple-approved version.

Tor is based on a network with more than 7,000 repeaters – layers of routers connected to Tor – that return requests for information over the network, thus guaranteeing user anonymity. By using Tor, users can make sure that their personal data (IP address, country) can no longer be identified by the sites visited. As for the browser, it is currently based on Firefox and derivatives.

Tor has become a de facto alternative for American prodigies wanting to be online anonymously, which has given it a reputation as a portal to “darknet” and related illegal activities (arms sales, drug trafficking, and the like).

You can now download Tor Browser for free on Google Play.

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