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The thieves illegally arrested $ 11, $ 3.2 million

darknet The thieves illegally arrested $ 11, $ 3.2 million
Darknet The thieves illegally arrested $ 11, $ 3.2 million

As border forces continue to perform false or false coronavirus tests, United States Immigration Services (ICE)
announced that in the meantime, some conglomerates will destroy COVID-19 fraud and violence weapons.

Our Home Security Survey (HSI) Starting This Week
Promise at birth Promises an ISA employee’s promise will be fulfilled
ring and sell people the fake weapons or experimental kits they have
Many places want to buy test kits
The current

Criminal organizations affected by falsehoods Try to use Coronavirus
and a bundle of cash promotions. The exhibits are concealed and fake products are sold.
anti-experimental tools, drugs and hygiene, as well as the use of prohibited sites for sale
business, read the words of the ICCE.

The agency said it hopes there will be more fraud when families pick up checks online.
money or letters in the coming weeks, and many small businesses and communities have received help.
and $ 2 trillion Congress in Economic Assistance, Assistance and Security (CARES).

HSI uses powerful services and expertise to target and destroy platforms and obscure websites.
Facilitate the illicit trade and distribution of Covid-19 related substances, promote financial crime and American oppression
HS employees provide all kinds of tools to target customers with financial plans or counterfeit products.
HSI CEO Elisha Eric said it was a threat to US health and safety. These are joint efforts
It gives the government full access to the control, investigation and arrest of those accused of endangering the people.
COVID-19 Explosive activities related to explosives.

Special investigators from HS have started over 130 studies.
3 million confiscated and deceived, forged,
The COVID-19 control bag is illegal or prohibited. They did
Authorities said nine arrests and at least seven sources had been released
Above. Co-operation of many agencies with US Customs
Border Patrol, Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Postal Service
Secret Service, US Secret Service, IRS, FBI.

Dozens of people are in California from New York to Texas
Hospitals and communities report and trade false or misleading information.
These devices are not designed to do what the buyer thinks.

For example, the government was in Laredo, Texas earlier this month
They learned that they thought they had bought 2,500 Covid-19 testers
It turned out that this device was not designed to detect active viral infections.
Instead, antibody testing is performed to determine an individual’s immune deficiency.
Viral email. Neither the city nor the network circle ends
You pay for the exam package for free.

The city announced Thursday the 11th death toll from Covide-19
64 medical workers at the primary hospital were infected.
Senior officers after a week’s delay due to poor test equipment
On Wednesday, he offered automatic tests and took almost 50 tests
Human beings. As of Friday, at least 1444 people had been elected
It has been a city of 260,000 people since the disaster began last month.

Although it is still growing, we do not have the necessary tests, Dr. Dr. Laredo City Health Authority
With Victor Trevio.

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