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The Sheffield drug dealer imposed a suspended sentence for selling MDMA on social media

On October 2, a Sheffield court arrested 27-year-old homeless James Massai after leaving 34 MDMA records.
Police visited Person Cross, Sheffield, at the home of the Red Cross’s ex-wife.

Judge Sarah Wright told Hamas: MDMA police arrested him and agreed to hand over the records directly.
Others. I’m on my way.

According to Assistant District Attorney Andrew Smith, all five were held on June 15, 2019, after police were called to the
You are privately owned and have 34 MDMA properties.

Five confessed to buying 86 albums in the dark for 250 copies and selling them separately for profit.
About Smith.

Hamshaw pleaded guilty to trying to stay in the EDMA drug category and pleaded guilty to being transported in MDMA in October,
2018 and January 2019.

Judge Mark Dooley said Hamshaw sells good tablets to many people he knows, including his contacts.
Via Facebook or text messages.

Dooley also said Hisham, a drug user, had a successful trial
Increase the support group.

Judge Wright acknowledged that capitalism puts religious beliefs in the past and responds better to modern social norms.
You have witchcraft.

He was sentenced to two years and two years in prison, provided he did not pay 1,150 hours.

Judge Wright said he will give it, given the opportunity given in court.

Be sure to take it seriously now, because if you dont want to, you will be sentenced to two years in prison for this link and all
the things above.

In this case, Mika Hepworth (228) from his former partner Buchanan Aper,
According to Mr Smith, after MDMA, others were given two suits on the order of Hammas.

But Judge Wright, who surprised Hepworth with his family’s work and detention, was sentenced to 12 months.
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Sheffield drug dealers received suspended fines for MDMA dealers buying on a black website

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