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The Sheffield dealer was fined for selling purchased MDMA on an obscure website

Sheffield Crown Court heard on July 2 that two-year-old James Hamsa, a boarding house resident, had been convicted of 34 counts of
MDMA attacks.
Police arrived at the home of Buchanan Moons former friend at Parson Cross in Sheffield.

Judge Sarah Wright told Hamsha: She was arrested by MDMA police and you agreed to give her the remedy right away.
Peopletahi people. This is working the way.

Andrew Smith said he was still with police, when they were called to fight January 15, 2019 and six.
By a former broker with MD MD MDMA board.

Hamsha said he bought 86 of the 2,250 units in the Black Webuse and sold them for profit.
Gentlemen. Ferrer.

Hamshau said he was guilty of injecting vitamin A for MDMA, and information about MDMA had to be heard by mid-November.
January 2018 and 2019.

Lawyer Mark Dooli said Hamshow sold the table to low-income people
Have SMS via Facebook.

Dooley said that Hamshaus drug users were heavily involved in breeding and commercial projects.
with additional support groups.

Judge Wright concluded that Hamshaus’s previous sentence was limited and he was listening to the current sentence
Prohibited by the Supreme Court.

Hamash was sentenced to two years and two years in prison.

Judge Wright reminds me, of what the First Court has given you.

Try to take advantage of this opportunity. If you do not go, you will face up to two years in prison for this crime.

Former Buchanan Crescent friend Lawyer Mika Hepworth has pleaded guilty to his group.
Based on Mr. In Smith, two drugs were given to describe both.

Judge Wright, who likes to take care of Hepworth and his family, sentenced him to 12 months in prison.
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Sheffield MDMMA drug dealer suspended for heavy network purchases

Sheffield drug dealers received suspended fines for MDMA dealers buying on a black website