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The Russian rapper is accused of money laundering for the group “QQAAZZ”

darknet The Russian rapper is accused of money laundering for the group "QQAAZZ"
Darknet The Russian rapper is accused of money laundering for the group "QQAAZZ"

The accused employees were of Russian descent in Florida
Funding was provided by a group called QQAAZZ
Cyber crime requires American clothing services

Maxim Boyko, 29, has been to the US twice
An American in Pittsburgh was charged several months before being sentenced
Worth the money. Become a singer
Cufflinks, shared in Florida’s daily Instagram account: Sand dunes, a
Walk around the pond and at night have a fertile garden

In January, the Federal Government charged some QQAAZZ members with stealing money from thieves. Boyko has a “very close
relationship” with the QQAAZZ leader, according to an FBI statement in support of the crime.

There will be doubts
Plinoofficial seems to be working on 1,533 songs a month
Listeners are active on Spotify, also known as “Music Weed Sounds.”

Buko also wrote music for his song “Big Night”, which was banned from the 2017 budget. Another 2014 music video (“No Gifts”) was
released in front of a new window in Guangzhou, China. In part, Buko is Ria.

“It’s not safe! It’s Florida!” Buko posted it on Twitter on January 20.

God bless America! Especially in Florida! – January 20, 20

“It’s 100 percent safe in America,” he said. In Russia, Buko wrote. “But I am still frustrated by the police ‘behavior. “They say
the time is running out.”

In February, he shared information about his daughter on Twitter. “One
“US and Russian citizens,” he wrote. I am proud of my life. Thank you
For faith! & nbsp;

He posted Boike stories on Instagram last year
Moit is a man who lives in the blue sky. Dom
Periganon, sweetheart, “Boiko said in another video when he crashed into the ocean.
“Be happy!”

The boycott case was completed on Monday and was previously filed in court, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports.

Boko and his wife moved to the United States from Miami in January. Gone.
Suspected cybercrime (this also applies to Maxim Boys and the Gangs)
In the US in the amount of 20 thousand US dollars.
He said.

Interviews with American Protection and Protection
“Their income is collected in bitcoin tax,” Boyko said
Property in Russia, the court said.

The Great Depression in Pennsylvania
201 from its stop. Some promises
Boico’s photos are “ignored” by “Boic Proof”
The case was declared “against the court.”
Market. ”

In April 2016, Boyko shared on Instagram
One hundred dollar pictures signed by Mercedes Benz
Administration fee “#BALLIN # SELFMADE”. Another Instagram
Chinese Yuan has been operating since August 2015
With the “Maxim” sign. The text is written “Say Your Name.”

Family sources said that Boyko stole money from “insects in the barn”.
They allow the escape of bankruptcy.
Money can be exchanged through a government account. Paiko
The theft is thought to have been taken to Bitcoin
Another technical number.

Biko email address is used for registration
BTC’s electronic bank accounts are legally closed
Explain the official countries for 2017: Data on the BTC platform
It turned out that 7,387,964 were recorded on Biko’s account
And then 136 bitcoins. & nbsp;

Catch the thief
The KKZ is part of the FBI’s investigation into organized crime groups
Made in Georgia, Bulgaria and Latvia. In 2015
The group has been accused of opening several private and commercial banks
Use part of a nearby financial company, Shell
Worldwide. Team members facilitate this account.
The United States is losing millions of dollars
Countries and around the world “stood before the oath.

The KUAZ service is believed to have been advertised on a dark website.
The mob and the confirmation and groups are talking about online theft
Send compressed messages to customers using the integrated menu
“Rich” and “Donald Line 55.”

Access to cybercriminals
Computer victims are infected with malware on the Internet
The certificate began with the victim’s account
Lawyers, federal lawyers, are prosecuting.

He stole money and took it to another bank
Choosing a bank or business shift
Encrypted currency. Teams offer a 40-50% discount
He reads the words himself.

Experience a
QQAAZZ’s email account revealed incorrect company information
International bank account number. Other stickers
Banks and banks are located in Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal.

March 20, 2017 Online forum called “Moneybooster”
Boyko, who went through a “gang” on the platform, talks about Jabber
An organization’s account request can be “200-3,000,000”

“The gang is responsible for a military presence on fire.”
Jabber clients are prohibited from collecting information
“Ricrich” and “donaldtrump55”.

A few minutes later, it was in the Ganges
Create an account in Hong Kong. “I’ll send you 300 million.
“Ghana, brother,” said the cyber thief.

Gungai said the transfer halted the bank’s victims
A few days after launch, another account was introduced. It also tries
The target bank will be closed in California, the business said.

The FBI has made many efforts to look at banks and bank transfers
Transferring American Companies to Real LDA Savings
Inuit Afadita, Hotel Portugal. Pittsburgh’s PNC Bank 2018 August
He dodged the victims with $ 700,000 worth of fake transport
Next up is the company. The bank “managed to block this cable, but it couldn’t”.
We will be defeated, the statement continued.

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